Tuesday, June 30, 2015

24 week Bumpdate!

Today marks 24 weeks with our sweet little one! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. When we first found at at around 5 weeks along and decided to wait a few weeks to announce it, it seemed like the days drug on and on. But, now? Goodness, I lose track of where we are! And, if I didn't have my What to Expect app, I wouldn't know a thing about how things are going in there. (Awful I know!) With Lucas, I was sooo in the know. Carefully reading and re-reading the weekly chapters DAILY! Just to see what else he may be up to. Glen and I took bump photos regularly and nothing went unnoticed. With Blake, I'll admit I slacked off a bit. The bump photos weren't taken as often and I rarely checked in with my book to see what was going on each week. But, this little guy? Man, he is already feeling left out I'm sure. I can count on one hand how many belly shots we've taken (mostly for instagram!) and my app is the only way I can keep up with each weeks new milestones! Agh! This momma needs to get on top of things!

But, life is busier and just because I don't do all of those things doesn't mean I'm not excited for this little guy to join our family. I can't wait! To snuggle him close, dress him adorably, see him with his daddy and brothers. But, also to get out of the maternity aisle! Seriously, I was telling a friend the other day that I'm not sure if it's just because I popped so soon this time or what but, I am so ready to wear normal clothes again! Clothes that don't fit too tight here but are too baggy there. Clothes that flow like they're supposed to and don't if they're not. Good ole, casual or form fitting, no nonsense clothes. But, I am trying my absolute best to enjoy these last few months with the bump so I've really been putting in the effort to dress in clothing that accentuates it lately. Because I do love being pregnant. And, because I've had virtually zero morning sickness this time around, I am REALLY loving it!

Little guy is as squirmy as ever, especially when I rest. Which can be good or bad depending on the time of day. Like, in the evening when we relax around the tube, I love feeling him wriggle. But, when I'm trying to get some sleep and he starts somersaulting? Goodness, that can be challenging. I am so so thankful that he is doing well though. He is already so loved and I know he's going to be the perfect addition to our family.

Loose, flowy clothing has been a staple for me this pregnancy. Mostly because I seem to be showing/gaining/changing more quickly than I have in the past. Also because I'm not interested in spending big bucks on maternity clothes so, I go for non-prego tops that work for now and later. The looser the top, the more the bump shines. I typically pair that with some stretchy maternity jeans (rolled up a bit because goodness it's been warm) or shorts, some cute accessories and a pretty polish. I've never been pregnant through the summer before so we'll see how this outfit transforms in the coming months. Any tips on surviving summer with a growing belly in tow? Goodness knows I can use them!

God bless you and have a wonderful week!!

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