Saturday, July 18, 2015

Date Night Inspo

Date nights aren't really a regular occurrence around our house. Every once in a while we'll spontaneously decide to have a night on our own and we always have a great time. But, do we mark them on the calendar so many days apart and stick to that like clockwork? No. And, that's okay. We love just spending a night in after the boys go to bed, resting on the couch to a good movie or sitcom on Netflix, each of us with a snack. It works for us. But, when your hubby sends you a carefully typed out note with sweet words of encouragement and asks you to have dinner with him? That's the icing on the cake. I love getting dressed up (more than my daily pajamas or work out wear) and going out just the two, well right now three, of us.

And, here's just another reason I love Act Two. This is yet another entirely put together outfit from my favorite thrift shop and it is just so versatile. If I were to add up the cost of my outfit, including top, maternity jeans and heels, I would get a total of about $8. Add about $5 for the cami and necklace and $15 for the bag (a little souvenir from my sister's and my trip to Philadelphia a couple of years ago!) and I would say that's not too bad. All purchased at different times but they are all such staples that they fit together so well. I love these jeans! I can tell they are going to be a key piece in transitioning back to normal clothes after baby comes. Plus they'll get LOTS of wear before then too. This top is non-maternity but fits well over the bump without hugging me too tight. And these heels transition from church to a night out without any problems.

Yesterday was also our checkup with our wonderful midwife and all is looking great with Smith baby number 4!! I am so completely stumped when it comes to finding another boy name but, we've still got a few weeks so, hopefully we'll come up with something fitting.

Top is an oldie // Anne Taylor Loft (thrifted)
Jeans // 2.1 Denim (thrifted)
Shoes // CATO (thrifted)
Necklace // on sale from Walmart but this one is similar
Purse // Plum brand 

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