Thursday, July 9, 2015

Roses are red, Swing dresses are blue

It's no secret that I love to sew. It first began when I was young, watching my mom sew for hours making things for my two sisters and me. She can make practically anything. From matching Easter dresses and stuffed animals for Christmas, to incredible Halloween costumes and baby blankets. She's pretty incredible. I got my sewing machine for my eighteenth birthday and, though it went unused for a bit (I was just starting out on my own and planning a wedding at the time!) it is now one of my most favorite things. When I pass some fabric with a great print, I get a rush just thinking about what it could become with a little time and effort. I rarely use patterns. Instead I take things that I own and use them as a sort of pattern to model off of. That way, I know I like the fit and there won't be any surprises after spending an hour or two behind my machine.

I've taken a lot of inspiration from Merrick's Art for a few of my recent projects. She has little boys as well, is an incredible seamstress, a great Christian role model (both modesty and lifestyle wise) and I just love how real she is. This festive swing dress was made using a tutorial of hers that you can find here. So super easy and incredibly comfortable. The fabric flows easily over my bump and I know it will be an even bigger closet staple after baby comes and my body gets back to (sort of) normal!

Do you love to sew? What are some things you've found easy to make lately? I'm always in the mood for some great inspiration! Have a wonderful week and God bless!!

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