Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer essentials

Dress : Old Navy (thrifted) similar //  Jacket : CATO (thrifted)  //  Sandals : No Boundaries (thrifted)  //  Necklace : thrifted

Total Cost : $12.25

This is the first time I've been pregnant during the summer months. I think I've had it easy before because both of my babies were due late March/early April so I was the biggest during the months that call for the most clothing. But this time around has been a complete game changer. I've had to go through many trial and errors to find what works (and doesn't) to stay cool and comfortable. For me, that means light layers, short or very airy sleeves, and minimal accessories.

Some summer staples for me this pregnancy have been maxi skirts, stretchy dresses, sandals and lots of white. I can get away with a pair of comfy jeans if they're light colored. Or a long skirt if it's not too thick and clingy. One of my favorite maternity pieces is this ruched dress. It's short sleeve so I don't get overheated and the length is just perfect. It's black but that doesn't take anything away from the wear I've gotten out of it this spring/summer. Pairing it with a light summer scarf and some sandals or a bright blazer and heels, I can take it right from church to an afternoon with my family. It made a great addition to my vacation wardrobe this past June as I could layer a light button up or jacket over it or just add a nice statement necklace to keep my arms cool and uncovered.

This is one piece I know I won't be able to take with me after baby comes and I start weaning my closet of maternity wear. But, it works now. Sometimes, when you're pregnant and constantly growing, feeling comfortable and flattered in the now is all that matters.

What trends are you loving this summer? Any tips for surviving August with a 6-7 month baby bump?

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