Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday Style

Dress : Lane's End (thrifted)  //  Belt : thrifted  //  Shoes : Chinese Laundry (thrifted) similar

Total Cost : $7.60

For my very first Sunday Style post, I thought I'd feature a nice neutral palette. I love this Land's End shirt dress I picked up at a thrift shop while on vacation in Georgia last June. The tan belt and sandals pair well with it and, just for fun, I added this cute little sun hat that would have been a great accessory had I not pulled my semi-dirty hair into a high pony for church. (I'll bet you didn't think I'd actually wear the hat huh G.G.! ) But, can we talk about these sandals for a minute? I love them. I know there's not a great feature picture (blame the photographer for being a little consumed with the bump lol). But, I found them for $5 practically new and they are just my size. They are the perfect color so they go well with literally everything and that heel? They give me that extra height boost I need all of the time, but especially now when everything is growing out and kinda makes me feel like i'm shrinking. Yikes. Plus, they are not nearly as uncomfortable as they look so even my prego feet don't grow weary in them after a morning at church.

I'd like to start posting the total cost I paid for my outfits after the photos. Just to give you a little inspiration to maybe start thrifting for yourself. It can be very cost effective when you just can't find the space in your budget to shop your heart out at department store prices but still want to keep up with the latest trends. So, look for that after the 'where everything's from' section in this post and in the same place in the future!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Sunday and that your week is equally as blessed!

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