Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Travel Bug

It seems as though our family has been bitten by the travel bug this summer. Looking back on our calendar, we didn't have a single day in June with nothing planned. At the beginning of the month, we took a trip to Georgia with Glen's grandparents. What fun that was! We got a great unit at a resort with an outdoor pool and spent part of every day in the water. The boys loved it. They cautiously began the week in their puddle jumpers but, by the last day, were jumping in off the side and diving to the bottom unassisted and without hesitation.

We were able to visit some really gorgeous waterfalls, spend some family time in the Activity Center (the boys loved the arcade games!), and play a lot of the games they had available on the grounds of the resort. While we were there, Mister JD turned seven years old! So, we made brownies, got decorations and had a little party of our own down at the Activity Center where we got a scoop of ice cream to go with it!

Some really great memories were made. And, getting to spend that time with Grammie and Poppie was absolutely priceless! The boys were able to bond so much with them that week. They are still talking all about it!

Toward the end of June we took a trip with Glen's family (parents, siblings and their families) to Arkansas and that was just as rewarding. We love spending time with our families and vacation every year is just one thing we look forward to. Glen's sister and her husband have two littles (and the only girl of the grandchildren!) and our boys love them more than anything. They always have such a great time together and it makes my heart happy that they are all so close!

We took a day to visit the historical bath houses in downtown Hot Springs and, goodness was that amazing. If I shared every photo from that day I'd have way too many so, here's just a few.

The hubby also took a few shots of me and my sweet Blake so I couldn't not include those as well ; )

We also had a chance to visit the Hot Springs Discovery Museum. They have two floors of things to explore, including an indoor cave, building areas and a dinosaur dig! The boys absolutely LOVED this part of the trip. So much so that they wanted to go back again the next day!

We had simply a fantastic time with all of these kiddos on our week away and we cannot wait to add another little guy to this picture next year!!

Between vacations, t-ball and coach pitch games, VBS at our church and a friends', and being just plain busy, our summer has flown by! We just got back from a weekend in St.Charles with some family and we have one more weekend getaway planned for later this month. After that, I think it will finally be time to settle in and get started with some schoolwork! And, just in time for the Lebanon Area Homeschooler Shared Learning semester to begin! Yipee! 

Has your summer been busy? Do you have any big plans before the school year begins?

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