Monday, July 13, 2015

Thrift store finds + simple jewelry

I've always been a fan of shopping. I'm a girly girl and I'll admit it. However, I cannot wrap my head around spending hundreds of dollars on an outfit. It's just not realistic and, in my opinion, kind of frivolous. That's why I love thrifting. You have to learn how to dig. Dig, dig DIG! But, if you hit the store on the right day (and look through the racks more than a quick once over) you can come away with some really great finds for an unbeatable price. I've shared my love for my favorite local thrift shop before and I'll share it again. Act 2. Seriously, I LOVE that place! Every few months as I go through my closet, I find things that I haven't worn in a year or that just doesn't fit my style anymore. So, I'll bag it up and take it to the ladies in Act 2. They sort and price everything so there is literally no work for you. As long as you bring things in that fall under the season they are currently accepting, you just sit back and wait for a credit to your account. I love it because I can take things away that no longer get use and when that glorious credit comes in, I replace what I've taken out with 'new to me' things! It's pretty great. 

This outfit is just one I've put together from 'new to me' things. I was able to get both this polka dot top and these great jeans (white and completely without stains I might add) for a dollar each. I love that the top isn't super fitted, covers in the most flattering way and still makes me feel feminine. And these jeans? Perfection! They are Maurice's and not maternity but they are so cozy, comfy and stretchy that I literally wear them all day without any discomfort. They're a little bigger than my normal size so they'll be great when it's time to transition back to my pre-pregnancy clothes. I love to add a few simple pieces of jewelry to my outfits and this Lisa Leonard necklace is a big favorite. It goes with nearly everything and I absolutely love the sweet inscription on the front. 

What places do you love to shop? I'm a sucker for a great deal!

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