Monday, August 31, 2015

Pregnancy Style : Ruched Dresses


Dress : Target  //  Purse : thrifted  //  Necklace : gift  //  Earrings : Walmart brand (sale)  //  Bangle : thrifted

Total Cost : $15

The ruched dress is a pregnancy staple. And this one from Target is so soft and comfy. The neutral color goes with most anything, the neckline is great and the length is perfect. I had originally planned to wear a cool leopard print scarf that matched my flats. But, one step outside and I knew that wasn't going to work. One thing I dislike about pregnancy is that I am hot all. The. Time. So, 82 degree weather and a scarf just wouldn't mix for me. My only complaint about this dress (if you could even call it that) would be that's it's not quite as fitted as I would like at this stage in my pregnancy. I'm wearing an extra small and it still doesn't hug me quite right. We're nearly 33 weeks and cruising right along but, I am swiftly approaching the phase that you start to feel like you're carrying around a watermelon. Like, really.

Baby boy is growing up a storm in there and I am so very thankful. But, goodness I just feel big these days! Not to mention any negative thoughts I've had about my prego legs. Even with pilates and pretty regular workouts, it seems like my lower half has been the most effected this time around. I guess it's like they say, each pregnancy is different and so it will effect your body differently. I only know that I'm ready to get back into a workout routine and start running again. Okay, so I wasn't an avid runner pre pregnancy but, I did occasionally and I loved it. A few months before we found out about baby number four I was getting the hang of how to breath when running. I was loving going out for a morning/evening run (weather permitting) and I was finally starting to see the results in muscle definition in my legs and thighs. Something I've never really had. My legs are just something I've always been self conscious about and, I'm sure, with my body changing even more during pregnancy it's just more noticeable to me.

We are our own worst critic after all. But, with the insecurities also comes the joy in what my body has been able to accomplish so far. Growing three perfectly healthy baby boys and bouncing back without much to complain about. I am thankful. A little nervous about recovering this time around, I'll admit. But, so thankful with all that I've gained through the experience of pregnancy. It is such an amazingly beautiful thing. Something some women only dream of and I will never, ever take that for granted. Push on mamas! You can do hard things!

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