Friday, August 21, 2015

Skincare for the Ages

Can we talk for just a minute about skincare? Do you have a regimen you use that is tried and true? Are you still searching for something that works? I've never committed to using just one product line. Usually, I try whatever is on sale or something someone recommends to me, as long as it's pretty inexpensive and doesn't require a lot of steps. With every product I've tried though, I've never found anything that really works at keeping my skin clear, healthy, soft and break out free. It may do the job for a few days or weeks but, long term, nothing has lasted. Then I found out about the Enfuselle line of Shaklee skincare. I absolutely love it!

It all started a few months ago when I began to notice my skin was aging. It was dry, acne prone and difficult to keep that clean, fresh feeling. I decided that maybe it was time to find a regimen that would be gentle on my skin and still do an impeccable job at oil control and managing break outs. This skincare has gone up and beyond that. It is amazing!

Since the day I started using it I have had nothing but great results. Less than one week into the regimen, I noticed that my skin was clearer, softer, less oily and easier to care for. The break outs I had were muted in color and disappearing and I wasn't having any issues controlling oil throughout the day. I was stunned. Mostly because I never thought I would find something affordable that not only worked, but used natural ingredients to really care for and improve my skin.

I use three products from the Enfuselle line. They work wonderfully together without any harsh side effects and are completely natural and safe to use (even during pregnancy and nursing!).  There are three simple steps that I follow and it keeps my skin clear and glowing.  ((Please note that I am not a doctor nor a dermatologist. Nothing I write here is scientific, it is simply my experience and opinion of the product and how it has worked for me.))  Also, I always brush, floss and rinse my teeth before I begin cleansing my face so as not to leave any residue after cleansing.

Step 1 //  Hydrating Cleansing Lotion  //

I love this. It doesn't take much, just a dab slightly smaller than a cocoa puff (great example huh!) on the tip of your finger. First, wet your entire face and neck. Smooth the cleansing lotion all over your skin while massaging with your fingertips and being sure to avoid the eye area. (I use Dove soap and a sea sponge on my eyes to gently remove any makeup or oils that may be there before I use my cleanser) Rinse your skin clean with warm water and pat dry (rubbing your face while drying it can irritate the skin and lead to more break outs).

Step 2 //  Hydrating Toner  //

Moisten a cotton ball with a small amount of toner and gently wipe it across your entire face and neck (again avoiding the eye area). This is so refreshing and invigorating for the skin. It really feels like it's working and tightening the skin without over drying and I love that.

Step 3 //  Hydrating Moisturizer  //

This is the final step in my routine and it makes a world of difference. I always let my face air dry after applying the toner and before using the moisturizer. I use just enough to cover the tip of my finger and gently rub it all over my face and neck. Be sure to rub it all in but, do not be too hard on your skin. After all, your trying to avoid wrinkles, not give yourself more by stretching it out.

And that's it! It takes me less than twenty minutes from start to finish (beginning with brushing my teeth) and, when I'm done, I really feel so much better. Glen's grandmother is the one who recommended this skincare to me. She is a Shaklee distributor and we have ordered all of our household soaps and cleaning supplies from her since we were married. They are all biodegradable and safe for families. I love how highly concentrated they are, that they really last and do an incredible job cleaning anything from laundry to dishes to floors. She began using their skincare around 40 years ago when she became a distributor for them and she has never looked back. I have always thought that she looks at least 20 years younger than she is so, when she told me her secret, I knew this was what I was looking for. I mean, 40 years later and she is STILL using the same products?! Talk about tried and true!

I recently recommended this regimen to a friend and thought maybe someone else may gain something from learning about Shaklee and all that they have to offer. Have a blessed week and look for a post about our first week of school coming soon!!

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