Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Style : A glimpse of Fall

Dress : Motherhood Maternity (thrifted)  //  Boots : Tommy Hilfiger last season (similarsimilar) //  
Earrings : Walmart brand (sale)  //  Necklace : thrifted  //  Purse : thrifted 

Total Cost to me : $10

I could not believe it when we got up this morning and it felt like fall. My favorite time of year. Of course it was short lived because when we got out of church it was already getting warm. Then again, that's Missouri weather for you. Still, this morning was beautiful and I jumped at the chance to wear this dollar rack sweater dress and my favorite booties. Although I love summer and all that it brings, I cannot wait for fall. The pumpkins, the cinnamon scent everywhere you go, the festive feeling in the air, the perfect temperatures and the beautiful colors of nature. It is my absolute favorite season of the year. Christmas time is a very close second (as long as we get lots of snow instead of muddy slushy stuff), then follows spring and finally summer. Only because the hot temps are my least favorite. I love being able to be outside enjoying the weather without sweating through my clothes (because I always wear layers) and wishing I was back in the air conditioning. Fall and spring are the perfect seasons for that reason. Cool, brisk weather and a fresh feeling lingering in the air. Winter I love because I can wear my favorite cozy sweaters while holding a cup of hot cocoa and snuggling my boys and hubby. Still, I know that summer isn't quite over yet so, I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts. 

Yesterday was hair washing day so that meant retouching my curls and some dry shampoo to kick the little bit of oil on my scalp this morning. I love it and there isn't much I can complain about. After a few days of use I begin to notice a little build up. Really though, that's the only downfall for me. The upsides? It has a great scent, makes my hair more manageable and cuts way down on my "getting ready" time. Which is awesome, especially when we have to be somewhere earlier than normal. I gain extra time with my family and spend less time primping, which the hubby loves I'm sure. And, with a price tag of less then $3, it's way worth all that I save on shampoo and conditioner.

Have you tried dry shampoo? Any favorite brands or tips for use? 

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