Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Style : Shades of Pink

Dress : thrifted  //  Shoes : Rue 21 (old)  //  Purse : thrifted  //  Initial Bangle : Tom Design  //  Earrings : Walmart brand

Total Cost : $22

I got this great dress a few months ago from my favorite thrift shop. It's just slightly bigger than my usual size and has lots of stretch to it so I knew it would be great for the pregnancy I had just begun. I'm in full swing now and, though this is the first time I've actually worn it, I was right after all! It's just perfect. I did a little altering before dawning it for church this morning, most importantly, taking the super cheap, huge plastic buttons off the top of the front. I'm not even sure why they were there to be honest. They were hideous, not at all useful and just plain in the way. But, they're gone now and it looks sooo much better! Though it's not nursing friendly, I still hope to get plenty of wear out of it as I transition back to normal clothes after baby and, of course, when he weans I'll be able to wear it whenever I like! (Thinking long term here!) I didn't wear much jewelry with it because of the fancy cut of the neckline. It adds a lot so a little jewelry was plenty to complete my look. I love these geometric earrings I got for a buck a while back. They aren't elaborate but the simple triangle shape makes them the perfect modern earring to pair with so many outfits. I've heard that if you wear bangles, wear one or three. Always an odd number. So, after picking these two gold toned ones, I decided to pop my tom design initial bangle on with them. It's sterling so it added a little diversity to my otherwise gold attire. I love this bangle! I actually won it through an instagram giveaway last year. It is the perfect simple piece to add to any outfit and I couldn't recommend their shop more. This was such a super comfy outfit I could honestly wear it any day and not feel like running home to change! 

Some days start out pretty layed back and easy going and then, when you least expect it, quickly turn hurried and grumpy. Today was one of those days for our family. The morning began well. We were all ready for church nearly an hour early so we decided to attend Sunday School, which is pretty rare for us these days. We stepped outside to snap a few pics before loading into the van and good grief, I could not keep my hair out of my face for the breeze! It felt great since it was already significantly warm but, man, I just wanted one decent photo of my face. Did not happen. Anyway, we got to church and the two big boys forgot their bibles in the van so Daddy went with them to get them while Blake screamed and flailed in my arms because he wanted to go too. Oy. We got through that and they began fighting over the toys they had gotten in their class. Then came time for JD and I to sing the special we had practiced. The music was a tad too loud and began a bit before we were ready and, needless to say, I felt hurried through the entire song. 

At the end of the service though, a gentlemen came up to me and told me how much he loved our song. It really spoke to him and, after all isn't that what singing in church is all about? Letting the Lord speak through you so that someone else may feel him touching them? That was just what I needed to turn my morning back around. We left church and picked up some Little Ceasar's before going home and crowding onto the couch to watch Finding Nemo as a family. We were lazy and it felt so good to just be together. Plus, Finding Nemo? Great movie!

So, now it's time to pay my dad a little birthday visit before heading back to church for the evening service. Really though? It's been a great day. Happy Birthday Pa! We pray that your day has been so wonderful and that you feel all the blessings we wish for you. Have a great week and please keep my family in your prayers as we are starting back to school tomorrow morning! Eeek!

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