Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Falling in Love : A Wedding Shower

My brother in law, who was only fourteen when Glen and I were married (okay, now I feel old), is engaged to the sweetest girl and they will be tying the knot this coming November! We are so super excited for them and wanted to do something special to celebrate but, also help them get lots of good stuff for their new home. So, my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and I got together, spent a lot of time on Pinterest, and threw them this fun, fall themed wedding shower!

We were thrilled with how all the details came together to make such a great and cozy atmosphere while keeping with the elegance of the occasion. We were going for classic, colorful, rustic and timeless. Something that wasn't over the top but definitely not too simple either. I think we hit the nail right on the head! I made the cake and, while it didn't turn out exactly like the one I pinned (does anything ever really?), I was so pleased with the final result. My sweet hubby spent a lot of time cutting the perfect log for us to use as our cake stand and it went so well with the simple frosting and decorative leaves. 

We put together some really pretty floral arrangements to sit around and they really added some nice color where there wasn't otherwise. The pumpkin arrangements were my favorite and I now have one sitting on my sofa table so, yay for repurposeing! I also really loved the initial pumpkins, although they were one of the most time consuming of my projects. They added the perfect touch to the food table with all of the nice, fall themed goodies.

The cake was two tiered, the top being spice cake and the bottom, butter recipe yellow, all with homemade buttercream frosting. So touchy to make but so good! We also had pumpkin cookies (a family recipe), candy corn mixed with roasted nuts (who knew it tastes just like a payday candy bar?), apple slices with caramel dip, ice water and, of course, apple cider.

We wanted something fun and memorable, while widely enjoyable for favors so we went with a fun box of take-away s'mores! One of my favorite details of all! They were a little involved to put together but oh so worth the cuteness they added to the recipe box table. We found this great one on Amazon and it will be the perfect addition to Danae's new kitchen (and it just may make my Christmas list this year!). I made and printed some simple little recipe cards to store inside and all of the guests brought one of their favorite recipes to help fill it up.

We put up fall leaves, decoration and themed prints everywhere along with a few chalkboards because that is so cute and very in right now. And we planned a couple of fun games that both went over really well. One was called "Disney Love Songs" and the other was "Help the Bride-to-be write her vows". Both were lots of fun and the vow game definitely earned more than a few laughs from the guests and hosts alike. 

Like I mentioned before, many of our ideas were found on Pinterest and are saved to this board in particular if you'd like any specifics or resources. This was such a fun event and our family is so thrilled to be welcoming Danae! Congratulations you two!!

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