Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Style : Baby Shower Attire

Dress : made by me (tutorial from Leanne Barlow)  //  Booties : Worthington  //  
Necklace : Walmart brand  //  Purse : Plum brand

Total cost : $11

My mom and dad hosted a shower for our little guy this afternoon. It was so great and we got some things we really needed to get us ready for the baby stage again. So, when I was trying to come up with something to wear, I was drawing a blank. I always struggle with what to wear to things like this. It's a special occasion and you want to dress nicely but I hate to be the one person who over (or under) dresses. After giving it a little too much thought, I kept landing on the floral ruched maternity dress I made a couple of weeks ago. It has really made that big of an impression on me. 

I love the fit and the way it makes me feel feminine without showing too much. But, I had just worn it to church and a bridal shower the week before so, I was torn whether I wanted to wear it to another event so soon. Well, I decided that I loved the dress so much it would be totally and completely worth it to make another. I mean, I still have about a month left and goodness knows I can use plenty of easy, go to outfits to keep me comfortable and feeling great about myself. So, that's exactly what I did.

This time though, I went with a solid fabric that would work well with lots of different jewelry and accessories. When I poled the boys on which grey they preferred, light or dark, they chose the darker and I kind of agreed. I took it home and whipped up this pretty thing and I love how perfectly it came out. It hugs my bump so nicely but doesn't make me feel too conspicuous and I love that I'll be able to pair lots of statement pieces with the neutral color for fall and beyond. 

If you want to read the tutorial, just head over to Elle Apparel. She makes it so easy. 

For today, I added this pretty mint necklace, which coincidentally matched my purse perfectly, and these great booties. Eight hours into the day and I was still comfortable and feeling great. (Seriously, we snapped these after getting home from church and the shower) 

To those who were able to attend this afternoon, thank you for showering us with love and gifts for our sweet baby boy who will be here before we know it! Really though, we're 35 weeks with less than 5 to go! I guess that means I should get to making freezer meals and organizing everything for after he arrives. A little fun fact about me : sometimes I procrastinate until I feel the pressure of getting it done NOW! Which can be a good but, also a very, very bad thing. lol

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