Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Style : DIY Ruched Maternity Dress


Dress : made by me  //  Shoes : Anne Michelle (similar)  //  Earrings : old

Total Cost : $28

My brother in law is getting married this November and I recently went on a girls shopping trip (sans kids if you can believe it) with the Bride, my MIL and SIL to get some clothes to wear on the big day. My sister in law found this beautiful lace covered dress that fit her perfectly. I, on the other hand, had a pretty tough time finding something that would work to nurse a newborn while still fitting in with the color palette and festivity of the occasion. All while not being able to actually try it on or knowing what size I'll be just three or so weeks post baby. We searched and searched and finally found a top, skirt and jacket that I think will be perfect. Anyway, while shopping at a discount fabric store afterward, I found some beautiful autumn toned floral printed fabric on sale. Perfectly stretchy and not at all see through. I just couldn't pass it up at such a great price so, I grabbed a couple of yards and brought it home. 

That was a couple of weeks ago and, ever since then, I've been debating in my mind on what I was going to make out of this gorgeous fabric. I kept going back and forth between a maternity dress (that I could wear for only six more weeks), a longer sleeved, looser fitting shift dress for fall, or a gathered waist dress (nursing friendly of course) that could be worn well after baby. I debated and debated and, ultimately decided on a ruched maternity dress. Because, with the bump growing by the day and me feeling not quite as... curvy? I used to, I wanted something that would help me to feel pretty for these last few weeks before baby comes. 

I remembered a great tutorial that Leanne from Elle Apparel shared a few weeks ago, when she too was in her last few weeks of pregnancy, and immediately popped over to read through it. Because I follow this type of tutorial quite often, It seemed like it would be really simple. So, I grabbed my favorite old navy ruched maternity dress to use as my pattern and, about two hours later, had this lovely piece completely customized to me and my not so little bump. I am so in love with how it turned out! Plus, I'm more than slightly convinced that I may be able to occasionally sport this post baby (when he's past the 24/7 nursing stage). 

I love the autumn colors and the floral design and just absolutely everything about how it came together. Pairing it with some nude pumps and a matching bag (sorry I can't show you!) gave me a great outfit for church and an afternoon bridal shower without changing a thing.

This was such an easy tutorial I may just have to make another to get me through these last few weeks of dressing for church. Thank you Leanne for sharing!!

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