Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sunday Style : Maxi dresses and a spiritual challenge

Dress : Faded Glory  //  Top : Chloe K (thrifted)  //  Necklace & earring set : Walmart brand (sale)  //  
Bangle : thrifted  //  Purse : thrifted  //  Wedges : thrifted

Total Cost : $28

I think it's safe to say I've hit the final stage in my pregnancy. I've been tiring more easily, struggling to stay cool in this humid MO heat, and basically just want to be at home, inside, being lazy with my boys or walking aimlessly around town with Blake in the stroller and the older two skipping along beside me while we window shop (or the real kind) at our own leisurely pace.

The main theme here is the lack of structure. I'm wishing we could spend our days doing absolutely nothing but being together. The boys playing, me sewing or reading one of my favorite books, the four of us gathering for mealtime, a story or game. Soaking in these last few weeks as a family with three boys. But, such is the life with young kiddos. We always have somewhere to be, someone to visit, something to check off the to-do list. It's a great and exciting and blessed life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I just need it to slow down sometimes. This maxi helped me feel like we did a little on Sunday. It is so, so comfortable and, even though it isn't maternity, shows off the bump perfectly. Still, we had lots to do after church and didn't even get to some of it. Life is busy.

I suppose I'll be getting my wish in a few weeks though! Little guy (or Chocolate Chip as JD has affectionately nicknamed him) will be here before we know it and we'll be forced to step back from school work, church, Shared Learning and Bible study for a few weeks. We'll be taking it easy while we adjust to being a family of six. I have to admit, I'm looking forward to that. Time to just be with my boys instead of always expecting something from them. Seeing them with their baby brother and watching the love they have for him grow and grow. I am so ready for that. I do want him to wait just a tad longer to make his appearance though. I want him to "cook" for as long as he needs to so he can be healthy and perfect and ready for all those smooshy cheek kisses.

Our pastor preached a subject this past Sunday that really touched my heart. He spoke of Abortion and he read a scripture, one of the ten commandments, that references it specifically.

Thou shalt not kill. Exodus 20:13 

The Bible clearly and plainly states it is against God's law to commit murder. Holding my sweet baby in my belly right now, all I can think about it how much I love him. How much I want to hold and snuggle and kiss him. How much I would do absolutely anything for him. I think about how many families out there so long for a child to love and care for. Thousands of babies are being killed every day and the world we live in justifies it by calling it "choice". It sickens me and makes me so sad and emotional and just plain angry that America is allowing this to happen. God has a plan and a purpose for every single person conceived and they have a right to fulfill that. Then he said something that really struck me. We need to stand up for what is right. For what we believe in. If we don't, then who will?

So, today, I'm standing up. I'm proclaiming that I believe abortion is wrong. It is murder. Plain and simple. There's no gray area here, just black and white. I pray that God will tug at the hearts of those women who find themselves in a situation where they are afraid and don't know what to do. I pray that they will see their sweet baby on that ultrasound screen and know that they were created with a purpose. I pray that they will be filled with peace to make a decision. The right decision to allow that child to live the life that God has planned. Whether that life be with them or a family that so desperately wants them. I pray that they will consider hope. The hope that God has for each and every one who will just call out his name and plainly state that they need him and want him to come into their life. Not just to play a small role but to lead it and show them the way that they should go. It can be such a hard thing to do but it is, in turn, so very rewarding.

This is my prayer, today and every day. Would you please join me in praying for America? For all those that need the steady hand of God in their lives, those that feel like they already have it but aren't sure they're doing what they should and for everyone who needs to feel that incredibly fulfilling hope that only Jesus can offer. It's there for the taking, if we just get up the courage to ask.

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