Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Style : White after Labor Day

Dress : made by me  //  Shoes : Rue 21 (old)  //  Purse : Plum brand (old)  // Earrings : Walmart brand (sale)

Total cost : $31 

White after Labor Day. A rule in fashion that's been around for a long time. In recent years, though, many are sidestepping that and donning all sorts of white pieces through the fall and winter months. I love the warmer tones that come with the weather changing and take full advantage of being able to put together outfits that feed that comfy, cozy feeling. But, to be honest, I've never really thought about not being able to wear white if I was in the mood to do so. It's a great color and major part of a classic wardrobe so I love using it in lots of ways all throughout the year.

For today's Labor Day weekend Sunday style, we used white as a kind of a basis for this morning's church attire. The boys have these super cute short and sweater vest outfits that have lots of light pastel colors in them along with white and I chose a super simple and flowy white dress with a pretty colored bracelet so we all kind of went along together. It's fun to dress according to each other when we can.

I love this dress but have yet to wear it while sporting a bump. Why, I'm not sure because it really flattered little guy. I'll have to share the story of this dress another time but, it's one of my favorite diy projects I've ever done. A little involved but it came out super cute and very versatile, especially after baby comes. I look forward to featuring it again post partum since it will work great for nursing too!

Any big plans for the remainder of this holiday weekend? We've been on the go since yesterday afternoon and don't plan on slowing down until we make it to bed tomorrow. Lots of family to visit and memories to make! God bless you and keep you safe this Labor day weekend!!

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