Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sunday Style : Fly-Ins & Fall Weddings

Dress : Joe (thrifted)  //  Shoes : CATO (thrifted)  //  Coat : Mountain Mist (thrifted) //  
Purse : thirfted  //  Necklace & Earring set : Walmart brand (sale)

Total cost : $17

These last few weeks have been super busy for our family. Between baby prep, photo shoots, wedding showers, school work, our local homeschool co-op, errands and daily tasks, it feels as if we've been going non-stop. This past Sunday was getting full quick so we opted out of regular Sunday service, which we rarely do, so we wouldn't be so completely exhausted at the end of the day. We, instead, went to the annual fly-in at our local airport. It's a once a year get together of members of the Cesna 170 organization that my grandmother is a part of. We do our best to go every year but almost always miss the lunch meal since we don't get out of church until after noon. So it was nice to be able to visit with everyone and have a nice meal without feeling too rushed. 

Afterward, we attended the wedding of a close family friend's daughter. It was over an hour away at the beautiful Samuel Cedar's in Rogersville, MO. Such a gorgeous venue. As a photographer, I was swooning over the rustic landscape they so beautifully put together. Definitely on my bucket list to photograph. The boys were on their best behavior, like they are most of the time really, and did great through the ceremony and into the reception. We were sitting at our table, patiently waiting for food and people kept stopping to compliment how good they were being. (ehem, we may have been getting a little big headed at this point..) Finally, it comes time to go through the line and they do great. They pick what they want, along with a giant cupcake and we head back to our seats. The older boys dug right in and Blake did well with his meatballs and sandwich but, when it came time for his cupcake and one more person commented on their ability to sit still and eat politely, he had had enough.. (sigh) He took one look at me cutting his plate-sized cupcake into pieces for him and just lost it. So ended the compliments and we got our little reality check on life with a toddler. Really though, they did do awesome. If we can get through over two hours at a formal gathering with only one outburst, I'd say we're doing pretty well.

Last on our list was to look at a Suburban that had Glen found online only eight miles from the location of the wedding. Talk about great timing! We've been kicking around the idea of upgrading from our van for a few months now and have always wanted to own a suburban. They're much bigger, offer more seating and have tons of storage space. And the gas mileage isn't that much worse than a mini van. Anyway, this one is a couple of years older than what we were hoping for but, it has low mileage and looks great. So, we haven't decided for sure yet but, we'll see! 

Any big happenings around your world right now? We are 38 weeks today and I am beginning to feel a bit anxious about our little guy coming. What is it going to look like for 

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