Friday, November 20, 2015

Date Night : Bumpstyle

The hubby and I went on one last date night before our little guy arrived and since 1) it was last minute, 2) I was nearly 40 weeks along and 3) I  WAS NEARLY 40 WEEKS ALONG!, I broke out all the basics for a look that kept me comfortable yet stylish. I can't count how many times I wore this incredibly soft, stretchy, perfect Old Navy maternity dress while sporting my bump. It literally goes with everything and I never grew uncomfortable or tired of wearing it. This time, I layered this light olive moto jacket over it and stuck with my trusty ankle boots and black diy faux leather clutch. It was perfect for a Steak N' Shake date (complete with a Chocolate Brownie Shake!) and a little shopping before being confined to the house for awhile.

Though it's not often that I leave my boys, I've grown to really love date nights. It gives me time to feel less mom-like and connect with my hubby on a more personal level. Time that doesn't include battling for each others attention between the tugs and pleas of little ones. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys. But, between homeschooling, refereeing fights and getting snuggled and touched on basically 24/7, it's nice to be alone every now and then. I love being able to spend a couple of hours chatting about life, our family, future plans and things of no critical importance. Just being able to get away and "check out" for awhile can be so refreshing. Though we haven't stolen away since baby number four arrived, I am a bit anxious to get out into the world again. We've taken very few trips away from home in the last two weeks and, though I know rest is necessary to help recovery go more quickly, I'll be glad when we can venture out without any major stresses.

Life as a momma of four, 7 and under, is a little tougher than I had anticipated. There's the usual whining and fighting but, with a little guy to protect and nurture while trying to combat the terrible twos, know it all sevens and emotional fours (those last two are real things right??) it can be a little hard to stay on top of housework, school lessons and feeling connected to other adults. That'r right, I love playtime and listening to my sweet kiddos voices, but I do need adult conversation sometimes. If anything, just to make me feel a little more in the know. I do feel like we've improved drastically these last two weeks. The first two are mostly a blur as we were battling to keep the two middles in their beds at night (the newborn was sleeping better than they were!), trying to give the littles (and better half) the attention they needed while adjusting to another very needy person joining our house, hosting incredibly helpful family and keeping an open door for visitors and well wishers to come meet our little guy. We were busy every second and, all the while, trying to adjust to being a family of six. It was a little difficult to say the least. Well, in some ways, it still is.

But, things are definitely improving. I'm seeing the light in the tunnel and it is oh so warm. We are able to attend Bible Study again, Shared Learning, play dates, Sunday morning and Wednesday evening church, be a part of our church's Christmas program (JD has his first real part!!), BUY GROCERIES! With five boys in the house, that last one is a real help! Yes, I know that the fifth boy is pretty tiny but he has made his momma's appetite grow, that's for sure. Life is moving along and we are slowly finding our normal. It's been tough and stressful and tiring but, in all seriousness, I am loving every minute of it. Okay, well, maybe not the minutes where the youngest middle is screaming inconsolably for no reason at all, but, when I get him calm and he lets me snuggle him close. Yes, most of the minutes are pretty great. As hard and as busy as they are. I am so blessed.


Dress : Old Navy (thrifted)  //  Jacket : Twenty One (thrifted)  //  Booties : Tommy Hilfiger  //  
Clutch : made by me (tutorial by Merrick's Art)  //  Earrings : Walmart brand 

Total Cost : $12

P.S. I did this braid from a tutorial found on Pinterest. Follow me to see all the hairstyles I pin!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sunday Style : 39 week bump

It has been a crazy few weeks here at our house. Just a couple of weeks before baby arrived we decided to sell our computer and upgrade. I am so glad we did as I absolutely love my new computer, plus I was able (well pretty much forced to) upgrade to the newest photoshop, but not having a way to blog, edit sessions or start my Christmas shopping online for the past few weeks has been a little frustrating! But, I'm back now and so excited to share more regularly with you.

Even though I'm not sporting my bump anymore, look for a couple more maternity looks to grace the blog. Then, it will be on to dressing postpartum. I am so excited to utilize some great basic pieces I've collected over the past few months and share with you some different ways to style them. Of course, all of my outfits for the forseable future will be nursing friendly as I've got a little guy who is basically attached to me 24/7. Ah nursing a newborn, it really never ends. You sit down to feed them and by the time they're finished, you only have about half an hour before they're hungry again. I do love it though, there is so much you forget between those baby to toddler years. Blake is two and a half and I swear I'm having to learn everything all over again. That is a topic for another day though.

This was one of my last Sunday Style maternity looks. Although the top is non-maternity, it's flowy enough that is worked really well. I love the color and it will easily be a great nursing top as well. I was about 39 weeks here and wanted to stay comfortable above all else. So, I paired it with a stretchy pair of maternity dress pants from Motherhood and a dressy peep toe heel. (Since I had a fresh pedicure to match my top I had to show it off) I carried my new diy clutch I made using a tutorial from Merrick's Art (I've since made a faux fur clutch using the same tutorial that I love even more!) to keep my look easy and it worked really well. I'll definitely be sporting this top on the blog again soon.

Top : Cynthia Rowley (thrifted)  //  Pants : Motherhood Maternity  //  Shoes : Kenneth Cole  //
Clutch : made by me (tutorial by Merrick's Art)

Total Cost : $5