Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Style : Faux Fur, Leather & Suede

Dress : made by me (Merrick's Art tutorial)  //  Jacket : Forever 21 (thrifted)  //  Vest : NY Collection (thrifted)  //
Leggings : Charlotte Russe  //  Booties : old boots diyed by me  //  Bag : Victoria's Secret

Black, white and red seem such an easy and festive holiday combo. I have very few red pieces in my closet but, I do have black and white. So, I can easily pair what red that I do have with it to get a pretty, Christmas ready look. This faux fur vest has been on repeat the last few weeks as the colder weather has set in and layering has become a necessity. It works great with a long tunic, simple button up, cozy sweater or, in this case, something a little less traditional. Black leather, suede and a pretty muted red dress. This outfit came together so easily that I can't wait to wear it again before the New Year comes. Because, after all, the Christmas spirit sticks around for at least that long.

I did pretty well and finished up my Christmas shopping with plenty of time to spare this year. I carefully and sneakily stowed all my treasures in one of our basement bedrooms so no one would have the urge to peak. And then they sat there for a month. *sigh* So, yesterday I finally began the big job of wrapping everything with a joyous and festive spirit. I do love wrapping. I love to get the big rolls of contractor paper from Lowes, print my own little gift tags and tie them on all nice and pretty with some twine while blaring my Pandora Christmas music station. It really is great fun. And, this year I was able to do some wrapping with a great friend so that made it even better. Even if I did only get a handful of things wrapped between all of the two year old histerics and two month old nursing binges. Ah well, it was a start anyway and it gave me great motivation to knock some more out during naptime!

Can you believe there's only TWO days left until Christmas arrives?! Have you finished your shopping yet? Stay tuned for tomorrow when a little gift guide for her will be right here. Because, everyone knows most hubbys wait till the last minute to shop anyway right? Haha! Merry Christmas Eve Eve and God bless!

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