Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Style : Christmas Tulle

I mentioned on my instagram a few months ago that I'd just finished probably my prettiest DIY ever but, shortly after that we found out we were expecting our newest little guy. So, I never got around to sharing my creation. Well, while on the search for Christmas outfits, it dawned on me that I could finally wear that gorgeous thing I'd made but never shared. So, Christmas Sunday, my family and I went to church. The boys in their cozy sweaters and plaid and I in my pretty, fluffy, flowy tulle skirt. You heard that correctly. I wore a tulle skirt. To church. And I loved it! I was so nervous at first because, let's face it, tulle is mostly reserved for little girls and brides. It's just not a big thing around where I live. But, I ultimately decided to take the leap and do it. Not to prove anything to anyone or to stand out in an extreme way. But, just because I thought it was pretty and my husband thought it was nice and I really really REALLY wanted to wear it.


Skirt : made by me (Cotton & Curls tutorial)  //  Sweater : A.N.A. (thrifted)  //  Shoes : Cato (thrifted)
//  Clutch : made by  me (Merrick's Art tutorial)

I paired it with a pretty red sweater with puffed shoulders, some simple pearls, black pumps and my diy faux fur clutch. And, do you know what? I got so many compliments that morning. I think sometimes we worry too much about what other people will think of our style, our personality, our parenting methods, to really be ourselves and let our individuality shine through to our life. I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a "good girl". I love dressing up, primping, having good, clean fun and staying away from things that could lead me down the wrong path. I'm a little cautious and, you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm slowly learning to push my limits and get myself out of my comfort zone in many ways. But, I won't compromise myself or my beliefs to prove anything to anyone.

This outfit though? A major win for me, personally. It really made me stand up and be me without reservation. And I loved it. I pray you all had a very blessed Christmas and that you would be able to let your true light shine through to those around you in this new year to come. Don't be afraid to be unique in a world full of cookie cutter people. God bless you and Happy 2016!!

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