Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First measurable snowfall of the year!

We finally got our first measurable amount of snow. Unfortunately, we had to have a midwife visit the same afternoon due to a staph infection so, we weren't able to get out and enjoy it. But, I bet you can guess what they boys wanted to do as soon as we got home from church yesterday?! Go outside in the snow!

My plan was to wait until little guy was napping and head out for a bit. But, when he woke up after just a few mins and the boys were all dressed, our plans changed and he got to experience his first time out in the snow. Which was not popular at all. Haha. We didn't last long because it was just sooo cold! But, we did have a great time. After which we enjoyed some indoor playtime, a warm supper, some delicious hot cocoa and a movie as a family.

Sometimes I can't believe I get to live this life. Four precious boys and a husband I adore more everyday. There are challenges and there are definitely days they drive me to my breaking point. But, with the most amazing God guiding me I know I'll always overcome. I hope you all had an incredible weekend playing in all that gorgeous white stuff! Tune in later this week for a little DIY post you're sure to love. God bless!

(kudos to JD for getting these last two shots so Momma could be present in this memory)

P.S. Did anyone notice Blake's hat? Glen got Home Alone 1 & 2 for Christmas and this great stocking hat was included! Just like Kevin's hat in the movies!! Also, my beanie is so soft and warm and a great deal at only $3 (Target). 

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