Thursday, January 7, 2016

Our Maternity Photos

I know I'm not pregnant anymore and that my sweet baby is eleven weeks old (what?!) but, I never got a chance to share our maternity photos. So, I figured better late than never so why not post them today. My sweet Aunt helped us get these amazing shots and I just love how they came out. We were about 37 weeks along with our little guy when these were taken and I had the belly to prove it. LOL. I was actually only measuring about 35 weeks the last five weeks of my pregnancy because he was so far engaged already but, I sure felt big enough to be close to the end.

I wanted kind of a country feel. Someplace with wide open spaces, tall wispy grass and some pretty wild flowers. My Aunt lives in the middle of somewhere just like that and there was even a gorgeously old barn nearby so it worked out perfectly. We aimed for golden hour and, even though it was a bit overcast that day (perfect lighting but kinda blocks out that pretty golden hue) we still caught a break in the clouds right before dark. So, here's some of my favorite shots from that super fun time we had trapsing through the woods and brush, in between barbed wire and over metal gates. I am so blessed to have such amazing creatives close to me.

I'm told I can be pretty picky about nearly everything. Clothes, home decor, food, yea, okay everything. And, although I'm sure being a photographer myself brings some upsides to when we're behind the camera , I know it can be pretty intimidating as well. But, my Aunt always does an amazing job for us and humors all of my seemingly odd pose ideas until she gets it just right. I am so thankful for her, her artistic skills and her genuine love for our family!


After sharing all of these, I can't help but share our sweet Tyler's newborn photos as well. But, I won't make this post any longer so look for them to grace the blog soon. Have a wonderful week and God bless you all!


DIY Ruched Maternity Dress  //  Hubby's cargo shirt options 1 2

Wrangler Maxi dress (couldn't find it)  //  Hubby and boys in plain white tees and jeans

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