Friday, January 8, 2016

Our New Baby

As promised, here are our sweet Tyler's newborn photos. Goodness I love these so much. I've photographed more than a few newborns since really growing my photography business and, I think that really made me think about what I wanted to capture when it came to my own baby. I wanted to catch all of those tiny, perfect details my God formed and get them on camera so I would never forget. That sweet little nose, those beautiful long lashes, his sweet ginger hair and those gorgeous poochy lips. Every. Single. Thing. These photos are the result of a few different "mini sessions" with my sweet baby, his brothers, daddy and myself. I took every photo and used my tripod and remote to make sure I had some with me in them. I wish I had done something like this with my other boys when they were born. With Lucas I wasn't taking photos yet and with Blake, I did an amateur session that I'm not that proud of (save a few sweet shots). These though, I'll treasure forever. Scroll on for a little glimpse of our first few days oogling our sweet new baby.

I am so glad I took thirty minute spurts out of our days to capture these sweet sweet shots of our baby and new family of six. I plan to share this little guy's birth story here on the blog soon as it's coming up on his three month milestone. I can't believe it but, goodness I can't imagine our family before he joined it. We have already been so blessed by him I can hardly contain my excitement for what the future has in store. God bless you and have a wonderful weekend!

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