Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday Style : Faux Leather & Chinese Laundry


Chinese Laundry shoes | similar here & here
Faux Fur clutch | (made by me) tutorial by Merrick's Art

Moto Jackets. Hugely on trend right now and I absolutely LOVE them. There are so many different styles and fabrics available but faux leather is probably my favorite. I have one in black, a pretty blush pink and then this caramel colored one. They can complete virtually any outfit. Whether you're looking for a touch of edginess, a little color or just a detailed layer to finish off your look, faux leather jackets can do it for you. I love the texture and personality they add to an outfit and this one does just that over a simple t shirt dress.

I stuck with warm tones for church yesterday because, even though we've had spring-like weather recently, I'm still going through a transitional thing with my closet. I know I said I was anxious for warmer weather to stick around but, after reorganizing a bit I realized, there's so much I still want to wear this season! I love this jacket, my cozy sweaters and soft cardigans, tunics, ankle boots and booties. Really all of it. But, it is beginning to warm up a bit, so I added in an edgy sandal to give my outfit a fresh look. With painted toes poking through a bit, it gives me a little more color I wouldn't other wise have and they were perfect for the gorgeous weather we were blessed with. 

I love this dress because it's probably the most comfortable one I own and, major bonus, it's stretchy enough to nurse in. The longer length is just perfect because, even though I'm working on my leg confidence, I still like to be covered. And, the comfort factor one more time. It's seriously like pajamas guys. Really. I also love being able to throw it on, add a few accessories and go. It's great for that. These sandals are Chinese Laundry and a major thrifting win. I knew the moment I saw them that I had to have them and they've been a great addition to my closet. Perfect for those transition months and when it's nice and warm. 

Have yourselves a very happy week and God bless!!

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Easy Layering


Pink Rose cardigan (VF Outlet - can't find it)
Hanes top | similar
Almost Famous jeans | similar here & here
Tommy Hilfiger ankle boots | similar
GH Bass & Co bag | similar

When it comes to those days that sometimes feel like spring and then sometimes feel like winter again, I get anxious for the warm weather to be here to stay. I do like having a little preview though and it helps me remember to enjoy my boots and sweaters while I can. This is the softest, most comfy cardigan I own and I just love it. The neutral colors make it super easy to style and the flowy front adds a little extra detail to elevate any simple top and jean combo. These jeans are also a favorite of mine. They're super stretchy and have just the right amount of distressing to make them on trend without showing too much. Plus they're hubby approved, which is always a bonus. I love adding ankle boots to an outfit to give it just a little something different. Most of what you see nowadays are outfits with knee high boots and, while I love that (especially over the knee styles) I may love ankle boots and booties even more. They are just a little more sassy or sweet (depending on the color and style) and show off your legs a smidge better than taller boots. Which can be good for us shorties.

Living in Missouri, we get plenty of those spring preview or "fake spring" days. While I love them, it hurts just a little when the forecast shows cooler temps again. I long for the days when we can get outside and let the boys run off all the extra energy they've accumulated over the winter months. They have an open playroom in the basement full of toys, a playhouse, game table and trampoline so they get plenty of exercise. But, there's just something different about being outdoors that can wear a kid out. And I am so ready for that. Late last week when we had some really gorgeous temps, the boys and I went on a walk down our road. They love to go down to the railroad tracks and see if there's a train, skipping, jumping or kicking a bottle filled with rocks the entire way. It gets them plenty exhausted by the time we get back home and the fresh air and sunshine always do me a world of good. So, yea, I'm ready. In the meantime, I'll take these last few days/weeks of cooler weather to get as much wear out of my favorite layering pieces as possible. Linked below are a few similar options to the outfit I'm wearing above (the earrings are exact). Have a blessed weekend!!

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chambray + Wool


GH Bass Co Sandals (old)

Hats are hugely on trend right now and, although I love the look, I've always kind of struggled with wearing them. I have two different fedoras that I've had for a long time but hardly ever wear. I've decided that it may be the thin brim they both have. It just doesn't frame my face very well. When I found this one on sale though, I instantly loved it. The wider brim makes it easier for me to wear with more outfit combinations and I don't feel like my face/head look "boxy" for lack of a better word.

So, how do you know what kind of hat will work best for you? Well, I've done a little research and, here's a couple of articles you may find handy in picking what will look good on you!

Would you ever wear a hat? I've had a few hats given to me and, now that I know more about how to wear them, I can definitely see myself adding them to outfits more often. Especially as my hair grows (and starts coming back in). I know, I know, I just cut it off. But, if I'm being honest? I have seriously been missing the long length I had before chopping it. I had been growing it out for over a year so to go so short all of a sudden was a bit of a shock. I do love it. It's different, modern and, as a friend put it, sassy. Haha. And, I'm having fun learning new ways to style it. But, it's taken me waaayyy out of my comfort zone. Which could be good and bad I think. It definitely makes me think more about what I wear and how it accentuates my face. But, with all this post partum hair loss (good grief, I just know I'll be bald if it doesn't stop soon!!) it's been a bit difficult to feel comfortable in my own skin. A friend told me that it's understandable to feel that way because most people kind of hide behind their hair. Uhm, yea that was me. All. The. Way. I have never dyed, highlighted or bleached my hair ever. Since it is my natural color and it's not damaged, it's always been this part of me that I really loved. It's so soft, easy to manage and, when it gets long, makes me feel like a million bucks. Why did I cut it then? Well, I knew I wanted something different but, I don't think I really thought about how different this was before I decided to just do it. Next time, phew, I'm going to think it through a lot more. I told my sister, I think I'll try layers instead of chopping it. Haha. 

I'm still having fun with this cut though. I mean, what else can you do? I'm still Nichole. The mom to four unbelievably sweet boys. That contractor's wife. The one who some people call "Barbie". Yea, that's me. I haven't changed, so why do I feel so effected by it. Seriously, self love can be tough. Let's all just compliment ourselves today and learn to be happy with us. I mean really happy. Don't let it depend on how well your hair cooperated this morning, what outfit you put together and how you're wishing you wore something different, or what is on your agenda for the day. Just be happy to be alive and blessed to be you. There's a quote I love, " Be yourself, everyone else is already taken ". Oh how true that is. If everyone was the same the world would be a pretty boring place. God bless and I pray you can be content just being YOU today!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SS Turns ONE!

Smalltown Seamstress is ONE YEAR OLD this week!! What? Crazy how time flies and it feels like I've only just begun this little journey. I can tell you I've already learned so much about myself and my style this past year. I'm realizing what looks I really crave and what I tend to stay away from. I've been able to purge my closet a few times and the result has been so freeing. Being able to pull things out that I know I won't miss and actually giving myself space to see everything I own has been a game changer for me. I can actually put an outfit together now without second guessing myself and how others will see me. What I wear doesn't define who I am as a person. It doesn't make me any more Christian, any better of a mother, wife or friend. It doesn't magically make me someone everyone likes. But, it does give me a little boost in my self confidence and that, in turn, effects every other aspect of my life.

I love the feeling of being in control of how I feel and not swaying when I come up against people or circumstances that challenge me. I know who I am. In Christ, in my family, in the friendships I'm a part of. And I am learning to love me. It can be so hard in this world that we live in to really love and be confident in yourself. When everywhere we look they're changing the definition of beauty and what's really desirable. But, boy am I glad that doesn't have any effect on my life in the long run. I can rest in the knowledge that Christ died for me so that, one day, I'll be able to live in a place where what car you drive, what clothes you wear, or whether you have the latest style of shoes won't matter in the slightest. What will matter is how you lived this life. What choices you made and how you effected those around you.Were you living for God? Striving to honor and exhault him with all that you did? If so, what a prize awaits you! I love this life and I love enjoying it and I am so thankful for all that I've been blessed with. But, in the end, I want to focus more on my inward beauty rather than my outward appearance.

I may be silly, shy, even awkward sometimes. But, my God loves me for me. He delights in every little detail and that gives me such an overwhelming sense of self worth! As you'll see pretty plainly in the "photo booth" images to follow. Haha. Also, I am beginning to really love this hair cut! It is so fun to be able to play around with it and do so many different styles! Mom on trend? LOL

It has been so fun blogging and documenting outfit planning this past year and I certainly hope to keep up with it as much as I can in the year to come. But, I want you to know that finding peace within yourself, not in the things of this world, means so much more. I love when I find a great top, jacket or skirt. The perfect piece for just the right price at my local thrift shop or on sale. I love putting outfits together and stepping out of my comfort zone but, I also always want to be a good role model and example of a Christian woman who showcases that in how I dress. Being a Godly woman doesn't mean you can't wear cute, fashion forward clothes. It just means you have to be more careful in how you approach modesty and style. And learning that has been so fun. Sooo, look for more fashion and style posts to come and I pray that you'll find what really makes you YOU this year. God bless!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Style : Lace + Nude cutouts


Lace top | similar
Wet Seal Skirt | similar
CATO Sandals | similar
DIY Faux Fur Clutch | tutorial by Merrick's Art
Noonday earrings

When the groundhog predicted an early Spring, I was keen on believing him. Then we had nothing but cold and dreary days to follow. But, this morning was absolutely beautiful! It was like Spring really was here and I was sure bundling up was going to be a thing of the past. Until the hubby told me the forecast for this week and how they are predicting SNOW for Tuesday and I was like oh, that's right, we live in Missouri. No joke. You've seen the weather memes talking all about how we Missourians experience all four seasons in a months time frame? Yea, they're pretty much one hundred percent true.

I do love Spring. Being able to wear one less layer and not have to coordinate a coat with my outfit means more time I can spend in my Sunday morning bubble bath and not standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear. This was one of those mornings. I literally tried on at least six different things before settling quite contentedly on this. I originally wanted to wear slacks but then I was like, hmm, I shaved today. So, then I thought, what about that pretty printed dress I thrifted a while back nwt? But, it didn't flow well with my hair. This went on for another twenty minutes or so and it was a good thing we were going to my in-laws church and not our own because ours starts thirty minutes earlier than theirs and we would have surely been late. Ugh.

Don't you hate that? Those mornings when you wake up with absolutely nothing to wear. I mean, really. Even though my wardrobe has gotten some major improvement over the last few months, I still have days like this. I have things that I love but they just don't sit well on certain days and I just stare and stare and can't for the life of me put together something I'm happy with. It's rough. But, on a lighter note, in times like that I find that if I can pull myself out of the funk I'm in, I can always fall back on the basics that I love. Blake and white are of course at the top of that list. 

And, this top is to die for. It's feminine but just slightly edgy and when I paired it with the skirt it fit instantly. I added in a nude shoe to elongate my legs a bit and I think it worked splendidly. These earrings though? My favorite part of this whole get up. They're Noonday and one of my newest pieces. I couldn't wait to style them with something monochromatic and this was the perfect outfit. They're called Stardust and you an find them here. So pretty and on major sale right now! Go snag a pair and support your fellow sisters in Christ! Empowered women empower women. Isn't that so very true. I hope you had an amazing weekend with those you love. God bless!!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

DIY Valentine Bodycon Dress


dress | tutorial by Elle Apparel
black pumps | CATO
faux fur clutch | tutorial by Merrick's Art

When trying to decide what to wear to our Church Valentine banquet I pulled skirt after top after dress out of my closet and was never able to settle on a combination that I really loved. I don't have a lot of red so that made it even more difficult. But, after thinking a while, I decided to go back to the tutorial that I love so much (and can crank out in less than two hours tops) from Leanne at Elle Apparel.

I first used it to make this floral ruched maternity dress and then for this solid grey one. Both I love. So, I thought, why not adapt it a tad to a bodycon dress. Really the only difference was not adding length for and putting in the ruching in the sides. I grabbed two dresses out of my closet that I love and combined them to come up with this one. I loved the neckline of one and the fit and length of the other so, I just layed out my fabric, used the dresses as my "patterns" and got to cutting.

I made this one long sleeve with thoughts that it would work really well around Christmas time also. The fabric I found was absolutely perfect. Stretchy to fit all my post baby curves, thick so you can't see through it in the slightest and soft so it's incredibly comfortable to wear. With the high neckline, it will be a tad difficult when it comes to nursing so, I'll have to plan around baby when I decide to wear it (or take advantage of the nursery at church). But, I love it so much it'll be well worth the trouble.

I styled it with some red pumps for the banquet and black for a Valentine date with my hubby. I loved it both ways but especially with the black shoes and faux fur clutch I made a few months ago. I added some sparkly black earrings as well to complete my look and it was definitely a favorite to date. I think this would be a great holiday style as well and look forward to wearing it when that magical season comes around again (Not that I'm wishing for it. I'm ready for some warm weather first!). I pray you had a fantastic day with all of the loves in your life. With five valentines, I sure feel pretty special!

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