Sunday, February 14, 2016

DIY Valentine Bodycon Dress


dress | tutorial by Elle Apparel
black pumps | CATO
faux fur clutch | tutorial by Merrick's Art

When trying to decide what to wear to our Church Valentine banquet I pulled skirt after top after dress out of my closet and was never able to settle on a combination that I really loved. I don't have a lot of red so that made it even more difficult. But, after thinking a while, I decided to go back to the tutorial that I love so much (and can crank out in less than two hours tops) from Leanne at Elle Apparel.

I first used it to make this floral ruched maternity dress and then for this solid grey one. Both I love. So, I thought, why not adapt it a tad to a bodycon dress. Really the only difference was not adding length for and putting in the ruching in the sides. I grabbed two dresses out of my closet that I love and combined them to come up with this one. I loved the neckline of one and the fit and length of the other so, I just layed out my fabric, used the dresses as my "patterns" and got to cutting.

I made this one long sleeve with thoughts that it would work really well around Christmas time also. The fabric I found was absolutely perfect. Stretchy to fit all my post baby curves, thick so you can't see through it in the slightest and soft so it's incredibly comfortable to wear. With the high neckline, it will be a tad difficult when it comes to nursing so, I'll have to plan around baby when I decide to wear it (or take advantage of the nursery at church). But, I love it so much it'll be well worth the trouble.

I styled it with some red pumps for the banquet and black for a Valentine date with my hubby. I loved it both ways but especially with the black shoes and faux fur clutch I made a few months ago. I added some sparkly black earrings as well to complete my look and it was definitely a favorite to date. I think this would be a great holiday style as well and look forward to wearing it when that magical season comes around again (Not that I'm wishing for it. I'm ready for some warm weather first!). I pray you had a fantastic day with all of the loves in your life. With five valentines, I sure feel pretty special!

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