Monday, February 1, 2016

Sunday Style : Bringing Back Neutrals


Maurices blazer (old but similar here)
No Boundaries top
skirt (thrifted)
Anne Michelle pumps (similar here and here)

Is it silly that I'm still nervous to go out with this new hair of mine? Yesterday was our first time at church since cutting it (we were gone last weekend) and I'll admit, I had all the butterflies about what people would think. I hope that doesn't imply we have a highly judgmental church family because they are quite the opposite. And they sure proved themselves, because I received so many compliments that I quickly forgot why I was anxious in the first place. Also, what gorgeous weather we've been having lately! I've been taking full advantage and wearing all of my neutral, light colored pieces as much as I can. This Sunday Style was no different as the temperature outside was in the upper sixties and nearly felt like Spring had come early. As much as I love winter and all the magic that it brings, come the end of January, I'm ready for it to start warming up. In an effort to lift myself out of the winter slump I've been in, I decided to pull out airy colors and give myself a nice boost to my Sunday. Funny how an outfit can do that for you sometimes.

The blazer works with nearly everything and the top is feminine and soft so, naturally, they went perfectly together. I threw in a lightish grey skirt to add a little warmth without going too contrasty and I think it complemented the light colors pretty well. Shoes can sometimes be the tricky part. But, when wearing light colors, you can always count on some nude pumps to pull everything together nicely. Plus, they elongate your legs and, let's face it, us shorter girls can take all the help we can get. The fact that it comes in a pretty, classic style is just the icing on the cake (like that metaphor?).

These were a mother's day gift to myself a few years back and they're still one of my favorite pair of shoes (and one of the only pair I've purchased brand new). They really do go with any outfit, light or dark colored and the heel makes me feel pretty great. Until Glen takes his shoes off and I'm not shorter than him anymore (LOL). It's a paradox, this height thing.

How was your Sunday? We love taking our afternoon and evening and using it to catch up on rest and quality time with our family. Yesterday that included a couple of board games, some episodes of Friends with the hubby, a couple of little naps, AFV after supper and then, some Momma time when Downton came on. Speaking of Downton Abbey, oh my goodness what a traumatic episode!! I don't want to give anything away to those who haven't gotten to see it yet but, wow. Just wow.

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