Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Style : Lace + Nude cutouts


Lace top | similar
Wet Seal Skirt | similar
CATO Sandals | similar
DIY Faux Fur Clutch | tutorial by Merrick's Art
Noonday earrings

When the groundhog predicted an early Spring, I was keen on believing him. Then we had nothing but cold and dreary days to follow. But, this morning was absolutely beautiful! It was like Spring really was here and I was sure bundling up was going to be a thing of the past. Until the hubby told me the forecast for this week and how they are predicting SNOW for Tuesday and I was like oh, that's right, we live in Missouri. No joke. You've seen the weather memes talking all about how we Missourians experience all four seasons in a months time frame? Yea, they're pretty much one hundred percent true.

I do love Spring. Being able to wear one less layer and not have to coordinate a coat with my outfit means more time I can spend in my Sunday morning bubble bath and not standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear. This was one of those mornings. I literally tried on at least six different things before settling quite contentedly on this. I originally wanted to wear slacks but then I was like, hmm, I shaved today. So, then I thought, what about that pretty printed dress I thrifted a while back nwt? But, it didn't flow well with my hair. This went on for another twenty minutes or so and it was a good thing we were going to my in-laws church and not our own because ours starts thirty minutes earlier than theirs and we would have surely been late. Ugh.

Don't you hate that? Those mornings when you wake up with absolutely nothing to wear. I mean, really. Even though my wardrobe has gotten some major improvement over the last few months, I still have days like this. I have things that I love but they just don't sit well on certain days and I just stare and stare and can't for the life of me put together something I'm happy with. It's rough. But, on a lighter note, in times like that I find that if I can pull myself out of the funk I'm in, I can always fall back on the basics that I love. Blake and white are of course at the top of that list. 

And, this top is to die for. It's feminine but just slightly edgy and when I paired it with the skirt it fit instantly. I added in a nude shoe to elongate my legs a bit and I think it worked splendidly. These earrings though? My favorite part of this whole get up. They're Noonday and one of my newest pieces. I couldn't wait to style them with something monochromatic and this was the perfect outfit. They're called Stardust and you an find them here. So pretty and on major sale right now! Go snag a pair and support your fellow sisters in Christ! Empowered women empower women. Isn't that so very true. I hope you had an amazing weekend with those you love. God bless!!


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