Thursday, March 17, 2016

Craving Green

Seeing as how it's St. Patty's Day and it is after all, all about green, I thought I'd share some inspiration to implement green tones into your wardrobe this spring. I think the trick is finding the right shade for you and, personally, I love olive. It works with my skin tone and hair color and goes well with so many different hues. 

For instance, an olive green shirt dress is a really great transitional piece. You can wear it with riding boots and a scarf or booties and a cardigan in the fall and early spring and then again with sandals, a floppy hat and a beach bag for summer. It's so versatile and, if you get the right fabric, can be one of your favorite closet staples. Surprisingly enough, this one is from Walmart and a really great option in my opinion, also it's very budget friendly.

This is another great option though the price is higher than the one above. But, I love that it doesn't have a tie belt and the color is a little richer. Also, this is one of those times that I'm really wondering why I cut my hair so short (sigh..), I go back and forth though. Ha.

Something that I love to wear during those months that you just need a light layer is the military or cargo jacket. I thrifted one that I love a couple of years ago and it has honestly been such a great addition to my closet. It's actually very similar to the one below. I've worn it with summer whites, winter blacks and even pops of color and it always looks great. Plus, it gives you a little more of a grunged look. Like you didn't spend a ton of time getting ready but you're outfit is still complete. These jackets will instantly do that for you.

Women's SONOMA Goods for Life™ Utility Twill Jacket

Olive skinnies are on my want list for this spring/summer because they can go with so many things. I have a pair of dark, more hunter green skinnies and while they're great, they are more for fall and winter months. This lighter tone though can be worn with so much. Florals would look great along with navy tops and even coral. Seriously, so many options. 

High Rise Skinniest Olive Jeans

I love the t-shirt dress, especially for those warm months where I want something I can just throw on and go while keeping cool and comfy. Chasing three boys under 7 around all day is no joke (especially with another tiny guy that can't move much on his own yet) and comfort is always key for me in outfit planning. This is a little different take on the typical t-shirt dress that you see but, I really really love it. The longer sleeves, the pretty color and the fringe all speak to me. I have some fabric in my sewing room just waiting to be made into something similar to this. Look for that soon ;)

Wild & Fringe Dress

I am also really loving florals this spring. They are so feminine and effortless and I am so eager to begin finding some at my local thrift shop. Both of these are peplum and that is so on trend right now. Again you have the flowy feminine detail and, with this style you can get longer or shorter length tops. Which is great for tall or petite girls. I'm not tall persay but I do like to be covered so I definitely go for the longer length in any top. These patterns are great but I also love a white or ivory top with light olive and pink toned flowers. So pretty.  

Women's LC Lauren Conrad Floral Babydoll Top

Another way to wear florals this Spring is with skirts and dresses. Whether they're full or fitted, they look great and instantly elevate a simple dressy look. I love the big patterned florals I've been seeing lately and they work well in both styles. 

How do you feel about wearing green tones? Have you tried it yet? If not, I urge you to give it a shot, you may find that it's just what you need to get you into the mood for Spring! Have a happy, happy rest of your week and enjoy your St. Patrick's Day!! I hope you don't get pinched too much! LOL 

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