Friday, April 1, 2016

DIY Friday | Floral Peplum Top



Floral Peplum Top | made by me
Dark wash skinnies | Walmart
Jacket | Twenty One (thrifted)
Heels | Fioni (old)
Leather Backpack | G H Bass & Co (old)

If you remember my St. Patrick's Day post all about implementing green into my wardrobe this spring, then you'll remember how much I was looking forward to wearing florals. They're a very subtle way of transitioning your wardrobe from warmer tones and but can still be used for cooler months as well with some simple layering. I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making my own floral top instead of waiting to thrift one and so I went to my sewing room and started searching for fabric. I just barely had enough of this gorgeous printed fabric leftover from my DIY ruched maternity dress I made last fall to squeeze this top out and I absolutely love the result. Also note, when I say I just barely had enough, I am NOT exaggerating. I didn't even have enough scrap left to cut sleeves. So, yea. But, I love it as a no sleeve top even more so it must have been meant to be. 

I styled it for a day out this week with some dark wash skinny jeans, an olive jacket and colorful heels. The dark color of the jeans gave me a little more height and the colorful heels tied the top in perfectly with the light colored jacket finishing it off. I also went for a "less is more" vibe with my jewelry and wore only a small pair of studs. I really loved this look and can definitely see myself repeating it with white skinnies, no jacket and some bangles and dangly earrings. 

This is my very first DIY Friday and so, take it a little easy on me but, I just couldn't help but share this super easy tutorial for this top. I used an oversized t shirt that I have, and I love the fit of, for my "pattern" by folding it in half and laying it out on my fabric. I cut around the neckline and sleeve holes while adding about a half inch to get the pieces I needed. Follow the tutorial to make your own and feel free to share your creations with me! I'd love to see what you come up with!


1 - 1 1/4 yards of stretchy fabric (depending on your size)
thread to match
a top to use as your pattern
straight pins, fabric scissors & a sewing machine

1. cut out all of your pieces. If you're making a seam down the front & back of the top, you'll need 2 of each piece so, 4 total. If you're cutting along the fold of your fabric, you'll only need one front and one back. Cut 2 neck lining pieces and 2 sleeve lining pieces along the fold of your fabric. Cut 2 longer pieces that when added to the front & back pieces will be long enough to be a complete top. Make sure you cut them wider (almost double the width) than your top pieces so you have plenty of room for gathers.

2. Sew your two front pieces together at the center with right sides together. Repeat for the back pieces.

3. Take your one front piece and one back piece and sew them together at the shoulders, right sides together.

4. With right sides together, sew the side seams of the top, making sure to line them up well.

5. Sew your two neck lining pieces together, right sides together, at the short ends. Then, put right sides together with your top and pin it in place around the neckline. Slowly sew them together so you don't get your tension too tight around the neck of your top.

6. Sew each of your sleeve lining pieces together at the short ends and pin them onto your top around the arm holes, right sides together. Sew around slowly.

7. Flip the top right side out and fold the lining pieces in. Pin and sew a straight, even stitch around, careful to keep your tension from getting too tight and pulling your fabric.

8. Sew your peplum pieces together on the short sides with right sides of your fabric together.

9. Sew a straight stitch along the entire top of your connected peplum piece, leaving the strings long so you have plenty of room to gather your fabric.

10. Pull the bottom string and gather your fabric until your peplum piece is the same width as your top.

11. With your top right side out and your peplum piece wrong side out, pin the peplum piece to the top and carefully sew just on the outside of your straight stitch, connecting the top to the peplum piece.

12. Turn your entire top right side out and sew a hem along the bottom to complete it. Iron down your seems if you need to and there you go! This tutorial also works well with sleeved tops, just cut sleeves instead of sleeve lining pieces. I made two long sleeved versions the same day and they both came out perfectly. God bless and happy sewing!!


  1. Hey great job on your first tutorial! I love how the top turned out too, seriously, that print is perfect!!


  2. Thank you!! I was so nervous but, Im super happy with it!! :)

  3. Thank you!! I was so nervous but, Im super happy with it!! :)