Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Light Blue Ruffles


Ruffle Hem Tunic | (sold out) similar options here
White skinny jeans | thrifted but similar here
fringe bag | similar
earrings | old

So, the craziest thing happened. After getting my pieces from the instagram giveaway I won a few weeks back, I won ANOTHER giveaway!! I couldn't believe it because I hardly ever win anything! I was so grateful and excited though and couldn't wait to get shopping.

The first place I went was Magnolia Boutique because, I LOVE their shop and they have some of the cutest styles. I've been searching and searching for some taupe faux suede booties like these for what seems like forever. I've searched my local thrift shop over and over and never come up with any my size. But, by winning this giveaway, I was able to snag these gorgeous ones! They are so comfortable, the heel is the perfect height, the color matches my skin tone to a tee and the die cut outs are such a pretty detail. They are my new favorite shoes! I wear them with these invisible socks so they don't rub blisters on my feet. They're like hosiery and work great. Though a thicker style may work better for cooler months..

I saw this tunic through their insta account a few times and always loved it so, this was right at the top of my list as well. I was able to get it on final sale (sorry it's not available anymore) so I got a great price on it and I loooove it! I would seriously wear it everyday if I didn't think people would look at me a little funny. lol 

Since both pieces are fairly neutral colors, they paired perfectly with some white skinny jeans and a natural colored earring. I thrifted these Maurices brand skinnies and tailored them to fit better after baby boy got here. And these earrings have been my faves for years and especially since I got a short cut. I love them and they add a little extra something to any outfit without going overboard. This is such a great outfit for spring temps that don't always know what they're doing and it's definitely been on repeat the last couple of weeks. I'll be featuring the other items I scored through this giveaway in future posts also, so be looking for that! They're pretty great as well!!

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