Thursday, April 14, 2016

Living in Fringe


Pink Blush fringe poncho | sold out but some cute options here & here
Cheetah print sunglasses | couldn't find them but these are similar
earrings | old

Remember that giveaway that I told you about and the other piece that I chose to finish off my gift certificate? Well, this is it! This incredibly soft, super cozy piece of fringe perfection. I can only remember wearing a poncho two other times in my life and, lets just say they were during my awkward teenage years so, they aren't necessarily fond memories. But, this one? It is utterly perfect. I love everything about it. The color, the pattern, the scoop neck, the longer length in the back and the fringe? It just makes it. The sleeves are so soft and make you feel like you're in you pjs, in the middle of the day, with the cool breeze brushing your face and you are basically taking a nap. Or I am after that illustration. lol Annywaaay.

It really is great though. And, another huge plus to ponchos? They're basically a nursing cover you can wear all the time. Yea. I didn't even think about that when I chose it but, after wearing it to a church event with a hungry baby, I was like, well, this is my new favorite top. I feel like I've been living in fringe lately but, it is really one of my favorite spring trends. Whether it's on a purse, a top, an ankle boot or a poncho, I love it all.

I also love that this poncho can go with more than one season with very little effort. For fall or winter (or those chilly spring mornings) I would style it this way. With leggings or skinny jeans and boots (it would look so cute with ankle boots too!). For spring (those warmer days) I'll probably go with some white jeans and sandals. The sleeves stop where the poncho starts so it's not constricting and I didn't get overheated at all (even after jumping with my boys for two solid hours at a trampoline park. yea). Again, it's perfect. For the cooler months, I'd layer a long sleeve tee under it but, for spring, a no sleeve tank worked great. 

The neutral colors also make it easy to pair with lots of things. Just all in all a great closet staple. Pink Blush, one of my new favorite shops! Oh, and let's not forget these cute cheetah print sunglasses! They were only $2.50 so I could not resist them. They are so flattering to my face shape and I like how they have black and brown so they help tie an outfit like this, where both colors are present, together easily. And they don't hurt my nose or the tops of my ears after wearing them a while, which can be hard to find in a pair of sunglasses. Especially since I have to wear them basically anytime I'm outside because my eyes are so sensitive to light. There's that and look for more ways to style this poncho in the coming weeks and again as the weather begins to get cooler. Have a happy rest of your week and God bless!!

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