Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday Style | Shop Pink Blush


Shop Pink Blush heels | (sold out)
Fringe bag | similar here & here

Do you ever enter those giveaways on instagram or facebook and think, I'll never in a million years win this. But, man would I LOVE to. A couple of weeks ago, I did just that. I entered yet another giveaway and almost immediately resigned myself to losing. Then, a few days later, and after totally forgetting I had even entered, I got a notification announcing me as the winner!! What!! I was so incredibly excited. I won a gift card to the amazing, Shop Pink Blush! Ahh! I was ready, right then to get on their site and see what goodies I could score. Turns out, they have some super cute stuff and it was a lot harder to decide than I thought. Ha. After searching through the clearance tab (over and over and over) and their wide womens selection, I did finally make up my mind and then all I had to do was contain my excitement until my package arrived! And, only a few days later, there it was! 

Ready to find out what I purchased?! First, this dress/tunic (I'm sure I'll be wearing it as both)! It is ammmaaazzing! I love it. I got a size small and it is just so great. The fit is loose, it's nice and flowy and the floral pattern is absolutely perfect. Second, these gorgeous faux suede cutout heels (they're sold out now, sorry)! They hug my feet and don't slip at all, are surprisingly comfortable and they match the colors of the dress to a tee! I knew pairing these together would be a Sunday style must. It is so simple and effortless yet incredibly chic and feminine. L O V E. I can definitely see myself wearing this again and again and again and again! I am absolutely not kidding. Okay, dress love rant over.

Did I get anything else, you may ask? Why, yes! I did! That, however is a later post. lol I love it just as much as this dress and heels though, which is totally believable coming from Shop Pink Blush! This is definitely one of my favorite Sunday style posts to date. I also plan to use this dress as a kind of pattern for future dress projects. Fun!

You may wonder how I scored these two great pieces plus another with one gift certificate? The value of the giveaway was $75. By searching the clearance section and waiting for them to run an additional sale on top of those already reduced prices, I was able to get way more than I would have by purchasing all full price items. So, by narrowing my want list down to two pieces out of the clearance section and using my certificate during a 50% off clearance items sale, I was also able to get this amazing dress I had been eyeing since I first found out that I had won. So, just by being a little patient and putting a little extra effort into what I chose, I got about $150 worth of incredible pieces all for my $75 gift certificate and it's always free shipping which is even better when shopping online. I like to be smart with how I spend my money, maybe it's being married to a very money conscious man or that we've made it a habit in our home to be good stewards of the blessings God has given us, but, I have grown into a very frugal person. I like to get the most out of what I have to spend and that's why I'll buy something off the dollar rack way faster than I will in store for full price, even if I have to work a little to find it. I've learned to be patient when I see something that I really love and, instead of impulse buying it on the spot, I'll search my favorite thrift shop over the next few weeks until I find nearly the exact same thing for, typically, around 80-95% off. It also helps me to decide if I really like it or not. There have been instances when I've thought about something so much that I've gone back and bought it when I didn't find anything similar and I knew it would be a great addition to my closet. It doesn't happen often but, it does happen. And, since I rarely thrift unless it's on the dollar or half off rack (just because it's a good price doesn't mean it's a good deal), that's a really good savings and I can still feel good about updating my wardrobe and buying myself something every now and then. I'll admit I was a little sad that I didn't get my certificate from this giveaway in my email a couple of days sooner when they had a sitewide 50% off sale. But, I am still sooo happy with the pieces I chose and cannot wait to share the last with you soon!

I hope you all had a happy and joy-filled weekend with your loves and that you have a wonderful week ahead of you. God bless!!

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