Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Style | Obsessed with Dresses


Dress | sold out but lots of other cute options here, here & here
Chinese Laundry Heels | thrifted but I also love these
Fringe bag | similar
tank top | this style
shape wear | similar

I like to go through my closet every few weeks/months and thin out what I'm no longer wearing and make a list of things that are missing. Something that I've always been well stocked in is dresses. Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember always loving them. Yet, somehow in the process of clearing things out, I had diminished my dress stash to practically nothing. I had a few good staple pieces and a couple of patterned dresses but, other than that it was pretty sparse. THEN I won a giveaway to Pink Blush. I took that opportunity to get a really pretty floral patterned dress that I absolutely love along with some gorgeous shoes (because, what girl doesn't need more shoes) and, of course, my favorite fringe poncho. But, back to the dresses.

I thrifted a couple and sewed up a couple but, still didn't feel like I had a very wide range of dresses to choose from, especially for Church. So, when I won a second giveaway only a couple of weeks later, I chose two more really great dresses I knew would be favorites for years to come. THIS is one of them.

Viva La Jewels! Love that shop! Some of their pieces aren't really my style but, others just scream to be in my closet. So. Many. Options. I love that the length of this one hits really close to my knee. I usually like my knees to be mostly covered but, for a more flowy, trapese dress like this, you have to be careful not to look frumpy. And this one so does not. 

I also love the crochet detail on the top and the pretty blue floral accents. I layered a nude cami and nursing bra underneath to keep the top from looking awkward and it worked perfectly. Also, the back buttons at the very top so it can, strategically, work for nursing. lol

I'm only sad that it's sold out, but, if you're in need of some fresh dresses to spruce up your closet a bit, visit Magnolia Boutique or Fancy Free Shop! They have so many great, feminine styles right now and, if you keep your eye on the sale sections and watch for coupon codes, they can be very budget friendly!

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