Saturday, July 9, 2016

Date Dress Obsession


UMGEE USA DRESS (thrifted)
MONTEGO BAY CLUB WEDGES | similar (thrifted)
FRINGE BAG | similar

When you're going on a date day with your man, kid free minus the littlest babe, it's fun to get a little dolled up and enjoy the extra freedom. We took a little day trip last week to get the hubby a new bow before his big Alaska excursion and this was my outfit of choice. It was nice not having to count heads and worry about snagging my clothes or getting something on me. Because, mom life. But, this dress was just the ticket for a stress free day with two of my five guys. It's flowy, very forgiving, such a pretty color and has the most feminine detail around the sleeves and bottom hem. I love how cheery and, most importantly, comfortable it is. It has a little slip dress under it so it's not at all see through but it isn't fitted around the neck so it's easy to pull down for nursing. Basically, it's my new favorite. But, I also just thrifted a pretty light blue dress that's similar so that could change. lol

Lucas jumped in a photo because his favorite thing to do lately is kiss me (especially at bedtime..) and it was too cute not to share. The boys were on their way to fish in our neighbors pond, hence the fishing pole. When you're a mom of four and a style blogger, that means grabbing outfit photos when you can amidst your crazy life and in this case that meant on the way to the fishing hole. Haha. This life though, I absolutely love it.

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