Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sunday Style | thrifting Nordstrom Rack


Doe & Rae dress | thrifted
Pink Blush heels | sold out
Whiting & Davis clutch | thrifted
Bangle | Noonday

Thrifting is one of my very favorite things to do and this outfit is one of the many reasons why. This Doe & Rae dress and Whiting & Davis clutch are both from Nordstrom Rack and would have been who knows how much originally but, I was able to thrift them for about $5 each. Major savings. In fact, I only spent a total of $10 on this entire outfit because I scored the bangle and heels through giveaways. Yea. 

I love this dress though. It's a size large so I took in the side seams a bit but, since the skirt isn't fitted it worked perfectly and only made it a little fuller. Which is awesome. It's such a pretty, classic dress and one that I see myself wearing a ton after Tyler is done nursing. The fabric is so soft and the lace detail adds the perfect feminine touch. And, since it's a size large, it has a little added length at the hem, perfection.

Since it's an all white dress, I decided to put a little color with it and I ended up really loving this outfit. The bangle has many colors so it made it easy to pair the heels and clutch with it. I kept my earrings simple to match the dress and it just worked really well. 

I've been feeling so much freedom to experiment with my closet lately and I love it. My style has grown and definitely changed over the past year and I can promise you I'll never go back to where I was before. There's so much more to getting dressed than just grabbing the first top and pants you see. I look forward to trying things I've never paired together and have found a lot of outfits I never knew I could pull off. Mix it up a little and you may be surprised by how much you like it. 

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