Monday, August 8, 2016

Sunday Style | A Feminine Palette


iZbyer top | thrifted
Rue 21 pencil skirt | sold out (similar here & here)
Blush crosss body | similar
Stud earrings | similar

Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week. But, if I'm being honest, since we're on break from schooling, any day is a close second. We've been trying not to have a lot of commitments the past few weeks, after our crazy busy beginning of summer, and it has just been awesome. We still do Bible Study on Wednesday mornings and lunch afterward with Glen's Grandma, the occasional playdate and summer book club and usually take a trip for groceries about once a week. But, when we're home with nothing going on, they boys get time to play and use their imaginations and I get to have a little time to myself after taking care of daily tasks. I really debated taking a break over the summer. Since we're homeschooling we have so much freedom to create a schedule that we really like so, I considered taking a week or so off and then jumping right back in. But, I can't even explain how much we needed this summer. So much more than I realized. We have so enjoyed having time to be lazy, creative and bored these past few weeks. It's really been good for us.

I would probably have to call Saturday my favorite day of the week out of them all. Basically because the week (and work for Daddy) is over, we've usually planned something fun to do together and stores around town are still open if we decide to venture out of the house. Glen and I often watch a movie together on Friday evening after getting the boys to bed, everyone sleeps in a bit later Saturday morning and our day is just really layed back. I love it. 

This past saturday, daddy took two of the boys to check on deer plot stuff and I took two to town for a little fun. JD and Blake went with daddy and, surprisingly, Lucas and, not so surprisingly, Tyler went with me. I had a fun time getting to spoil Lucas a bit and Tyler was just the perfect baby, as always, letting us shop and browse around town while snoozing away or playing in the stroller. I think daddy and the other boys had a good time on the farm as well and I was thankful they didn't have any bear sightings (eek!) after his aunt and uncle spotted one near their home in Grovespring the weekend before. Yikes! Buuuuut, it was a really great day and when everyone came back home we spent the evening watching Toy Story 3, a favorite movie of ours, and soaking up as much of daddy as we can before his Alaska trip. What did you get up to this weekend? Are you ready for school to start back up? We're getting there! I suppose it may be time to get some curriculum though (lol). On this week's to do list!

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