Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ushering Out Summer With a Few Fun Outings







Sometimes when you homeschool, I think you're almost pressured to do school year round. Keep up a schedule, keep up the learning, don't lose pace. I was so tempted to do that this year. To jump right into the next thing and keep trucking right along. At the last minute though, I decided not to. And, boy, did I not realize how much we really needed the break! A break from so much structure and a break from, well, each other. We still spent every day together and had barely any time apart but, not having the stress of learning most of the time we were together was just what we needed. We all gained a little free time, to choose what we wanted to do with it, and I think I speak for my boys and myself when I say we all enjoyed the layed back, lazy, play filled days of summer.

Even though we were quite busy since letting out of school, with our beach vacation, playdates, shooting weddings and weekend trips to SDC, the last few weeks have really slacked off. So, I wanted to do a couple of fun, out of our normal routine, things before we started back up with our schoolwork. Daddy was gone on a big hunting trip to Alaska from the 19-29th of this month so that left a major hole in our schedule. I knew I didn't want to jump back into a school routine (with a curriculum I'd never used before) with him so far away and our schedule so out of wack. But, I also knew that we couldn't spend the whole time he was gone sitting at home, where we'd end up wallowing and the days would seem forever long. So, on top of a few runs to town to get out of the house and catch up on a little retail therapy, I decided to plan a few fun things to fill our time and keep our minds off how much we really missed our Daddy.

We picked apples with Grammie while Poppie fished one morning and the boys loved it! They would get so excited when she would shake the trees so the apples would fall and really enojoyed gathering them into their buckets. After loading our haul into the suburban, they got to see some of Poppie's catch and boy were they in their element. Fishing with their Daddy is one of their very favorite things so they loved checking in on their Poppie. We also spent a few hours one day visiting some friends at their farm where they raise goats. What fun that was! One of their females had just had quadruplets (!!) a few days before so it was such a treat to be able to see them. The boys had never seen four day old baby goats before and we really did not realize how small they would be! Even Tyler warmed up pretty quick after getting a kiss from one of the littlest (so cute!!).

I wouldn't trade homeschooling my boys for anything and part of that is the incredible summers we have together. I know that some families do school year round, and I'm glad that works for them! But, I like our little schedule and that we've been able to make it work so well for us. Thinking back, I'd say we had a pretty incredible summer. With t-ball, vacations, swimming at the condo, trips to the farm and time spent together, we all really enjoyed ourselves. Now, it's back to school and field trips and JD & Lucas' first time playing fall soccer and Shared Learning that starts back up this coming Thursday!! Oh how I love this season of the year and all that it brings about. Now, where are the cooler temps so I can start dressing for FALL!?!

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