Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Simply Addicted to Florals


FLORAL DRESS // Simple Addiction (I'm wearing a size small for reference)
PEEP TOE BOOTIES // Steve Madden (thrifted for $6!!)
BAG // (thrifted)

So many trends out there right now just don't seem to fit very well into my routine or mom style. Even though I think they're super cute and I'd definitely try some of them on a date night or a special occasion, daily I just can't make it work. Then there are others that are so easy to wear, even with four littles to keep track of and a do list to tackle. Through the week I like to keep my style simple yet put-together, easy but not like I just threw something on. Athleisure and street style work great for me in those areas. Leggings/yoga pants, a comfy tee, light jacket or flannel and comfy shoes. Or, the latter, some distressed skinnies, a trendy top or sweater and ankle boots/wedges/flats or sandals. I really believe your style is what you make it and that can either be a good or bad thing, depending on the look you're going for. I also believe you don't have to spend a ton of money, or much money at all really, to have great style that really rings true to who you are and the lifestyle you lead. When Sundays roll around I like to put a little more effort into getting ready, usually meaning more fixing on my hair or more dramatic makeup. My outfit choices aren't really any more "stressed" over though. Especially lately.

Something I've seen a lot of the last few months has been florals. Couple that with the t-shirt dress, both fitted and swing style and I am in love. I was attracted to florals the moment I saw them popping up on insta and through online boutiques I follow. It took me a while to pull the trigger on a couple of pieces though and, now that I have, I'm not sure why. Every purchase I've made has been really great quality fabric and put together well so I know I'll definitely be getting my money out of them for years to come. I've shared a couple of those on here. This pretty short sleeved floral dress I posted about is definitely a favorite from Jane.com. But, when I saw this one, I literally caught my breath. I love the rich burgundy color and the gorgeous florals really pop out at you. It's from an online boutique that I've been really impressed with lately, Simple Addiction. (don't you just love the irony in the name lol) It's a really great price and there are lots of styles to choose from on their site. I love the sleeve length on this one, the high (but not too high) neck line and, again, the pretty color combo. The hubby even complimented me on it last Sunday (let's face it, half the time they don't even really look at what we wear, amiright??). And, the midi length is perfect! I'm about 5'4" and it doesn't make me look short at all. This is at the top of my list for family pics when the time comes and it'll be tough to knock it out of the running. It's just so easy to wear! Even with a bump, I might add (no, we're not pregnant).

What trends are you falling for lately? Also, wouldn't an anorak or faux leather jacket look great over this for the upcoming cool weather!?

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