Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Thoughts

Sweater Dress // thrifted (I'm loving the fit and style of this one)
Wrap Cardigan // (couldn't find it but I like the style and drape of this one)
Nude Pumps // thrifted (love these)
Tassle Purse // deal (another pretty option)
Earrings // Sole Society

So, a few thoughts.

1| All the things are starting back up this week and, as of last friday, I was really feeling the pressure. To clean the house, have a smooth newborn session on Monday, accomplish school everyday with Lucas (and Blake because when he sees Lucas doing it, it's going to be necessary for him to do his as well..), get JD back into the routine of doing his lessons on the computer while also juggling piano lesson and daily practice (which, let's face it, isn't always sunshine and roses), editing and keeping up with sessions and all the routine tasks around the house that no one notices unless they're not done. Bleh. We had a full day out yesterday after a week at home due to the crazy, icey, blustery weather and it was so, so nice to be among people again. It also helped me kick some of my funk because, all of a sudden, I'm not feeling so stressed anymore. I guess five straight days at home will help you feel more on top of things too. So, after a little tidying up today, I'm ready for this week (I think).

2| I want to share why I'm happy and joyful and all that God has blessed me with but, I feel like it's getting harder to do so without someone bashing or blaming you for something you've said or didn't say. Why? Why do people insist on making something out of nothing and why can't we all just be grateful once in a while? I know life is hard, it really stinks sometimes. But, I have so much more good than bad in my life and if I can brighten even one person's day by sharing my happy moments then, by golly, that's what I'm going to do. I want to spread my joy around as much as I can because I might need someone else to do just that for me someday. 

3| I started my Alexa Jean Fitness Leg & Butt routine again this past week and I am SO feeling it. It sounds crazy weird but, I love it! There are for sure days that I have zero motivation to do more than what's absolutely necessary around the house but, I always feel so, so good after fitting in a workout. This is by far the best and most easy going routine I've ever done and the results have been truly amazing. I try not to share too much negativity on here, especially self doubt stuff. But, I am feeling so great I just want to inspire you a little. I have never felt good about my legs. Not as a teenager and never as an adult. I just don't feel like my upper thigh down to my knee area is anything that I'm proud of. I was chunky as a kid and I've never been the "hit the gym, hard core workout" type girl so I've never really toned up. But, since about week 6 of the workout, I started seeing amazing results and this is going to sound crazy but, now, I have knees! ... I seriously don't think I'm overweight or obese or fat or whatever else you want to call it. I don't have issues with my body image. I'm just over the moon excited that I am finally looking and feeling the way I've always wanted to. If you're looking for a good, motivating, result yielding workout for this new year, go check out her site (! She has such good work ethic and the plans are super easy to follow. I promise, you won't regret it. 

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