Monday, January 23, 2017

White Out + Evolving Hairstyles

Lace Sleeve Top | similar here + here
Cozy Scarf | similar here
Distressed Denim | Maurices
Jeweled Flats | Ninewest (thrifted but I love these + these)
Purse | similar

Has everybody heard the phrase "short hair, don't care"? Yes? As a person with short hair I'd like to say that although most days I probably can identify with that, some days I just don't. That's when I miss my long hair like craazzzy and ask myself a million times over why, oh why, did I ever cut it. . .

It's been just over a year since my long pixie cut and my hair is finally grown out enough to attempt a few different hairstyles. Most of the time it's still blowdryed with a curling brush or styled into loose waves but, sometimes I can actually get it to stay up. For a family day this past weekend I decided to try a loose bun with second day hair. It worked so well and lasted long into the evening. I started with slight curls from the day before so I straightened out some of the hair close to my face and around the bottom of my hairline. I moved my part over a little more than usual and used TRESemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo to get rid of any extra oil and add a little more texture and volume. Then I teased the back and sides in layers and very lightly combed the top before tying it into a low pony tail. I teased the hair hanging out of pony a little to give it more volume and then used a Goody brand clear elastic to roll it into a bun. What little hair that was trying to pop out, I pinned in and under the bun with some Goody blonde bobbies so they'd be less noticeable. Then I just pulled up a little on the hair on  my crown and around the top of my head and let a few wisps fall out around my face before spraying it well with TRESemme TRES TWO Extra Hold Hairspray. Good to go and time approved by my hubby and little boys.

We had unusually warm temps that day so I also decided to switch up my momiform just a smidge. I went with this pretty lace detail top, a cozy scarf, some comfy, distressed boyfriend denim and a feminine flat to override a little of the grunge. A combination I've not ever really tried before but, ultimately loved. Turns out white on white on white can be super soothing and do major things for all the stress we accumulate throughout the week. Sometimes a day full of simplicity and doing what you love, with the ones that make it all worth it, is just what a momma needs.

See more hairstyle inspo for short and long hair on my pinterest board here.

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