Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Family Styling Tips for Easter Sunday | Old Navy Style

Let's talk Easter. It's still about a month away but, if you're like me and seem to have too much on your plate most of the time, it helps to get a little head start on everything. I love dressing my family in coordinating clothes most Sundays for church. And, since I still pick out the boys church clothes most of the time, that's usually pretty easy to do. But, somehow Easter Sunday seems like a day that deserves a little extra effort. The boys quite often have set outfits that all match or coordinate pretty perfectly and Glen and I play off of that. This year though, I've almost decided to pull from our closets and see if I can find something for everyone that way although, I may end up at the thrift shop if I need something to complete our family ensemble.

Old Navy recently had a great sale on some gorgeous Spring dresses so, I grabbed this super cute floral one for myself with a gift card I had. The timing was on point and I think it will work perfectly for Easter Sunday. The pretty floral pattern and swing fit make it great for Church or a day out. It's so verstatile! I got a size medium tall, so the length is perfect. (Little shopping tip : Size up one size for a looser fit/longer length) I think it will pair nicely with some nude pumps and PINK would be even better. (On the lookout for those now!) I also thought about layering a lightweight navy blazer over it in case it's a bit chilly outside, that or a muted colored cardigan. Both are great options.

Here's a few other pretty dresses that would look amazing for Easter!

product photo product photo product photo product photo

As far as guys go, Old Navy has some great options for them as well! I like to pick one color out of what I'm wearing and use that for Glen, and he usually doesn't mind at all. He's sweet like that and just goes with the flow most of the time. This year, I have a pretty blue gingham shirt for him and it will go well with my dress since there's some of the same blue throughout the floral pattern. Here's a few other colors that would look nice with the navy floral dress pictured above.

product photo product photo product photo product photo

When it comes to the boys I'll admit, I like it when they match. I like it a LOT. But, with four of them ages 1 to 8 years, it can sometimes be difficult to find the same thing in all of their sizes. So, the easy thing to do most of the time is to coordinate a couple and maybe let a couple of them be the same. Old Navy always has such a great selection of little kid clothes and their boys shirts are all so nice. They are just the cutest! Check these out for some inspo on what to dress the little men in your life in. Again, coordination is key to making outfit planning easy. Especially for a Sunday morning. 

 product photo product photo product photo

Dressing babies is probably my favorite thing though. They're just too cute and my Tyler looks darling in anything I put on him. I might not choose white jeans for everyday with his tumbly little self but, for a morning at church they would just be to die for. I'm also loving colored shorts, dressy hats and rolled sleeves for all of my boys. Retailers have really come a long way with boy's fashion in the last few years. (Thank you!!)

  product photo product photo product photo product photo

One of the last, and maybe the most fun, thing I think about when it comes to planning our Easter outfits are accessories. I'm loving all the colorful shoes I'm seeing lately and have been keeping my eye out to thrift a pair or two. For this outfit, I would probably choose a bright pink, white or light blush. Either would be so pretty with the dress I'll more than likely be wearing and they'll be super easy to style into the spring. (Aren't the floral pumps just gorgeous!!)

product photoproduct photo product photo product photo product photo product photo product photo product photo

So, there you have it! I'll be gaining some major inspiration from this board for my family's Easter outfits and I hope that maybe you saw something you liked as well! All of the photos above are clickable and will let you shop them directly from the image. Can you see a major color trend that I'm loving right now?! Happy shopping and have fun picking those Easter outfits!!

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