Saturday, March 11, 2017

If Mama Ain't Happy...

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Is it just me or, does winter seem to have lasted unusually long this year??.. I'm not typically one to wish away the seasons, or at least I try my hardest not to but, the back and forth weather we've been having lately has just got me in a weird kind of funk. Like, it's in the upper seventies one day and we're all in short sleeves, spending the entire afternoon outside and feeling so carefree. Then the next is mid thirties for a high and all we can manage is to stay in our jammies by the fireplace and make sure everyone's fed. Like, man, there has to be some in between right?!

One thing we've managed to keep pretty on schedule about is schooling. We've been fairly consistent these last few weeks about using the morning for schoolwork and boy has it really opened up the rest of our day! I've found that if we can get through all the required stuff by 10:30, or at the latest by lunch, then the boys are a lot more open to having imaginative play in the afternoon. So, basically, I get to use that time to keep up with things around the house or write a little blog post or bake a yummy dessert and it's, kind of surprisingly, been a game changer for me lately. Reality check, I know. Like, duh it's going to be easier to keep up with the to-do list if I actually get up and DO it...

Really though, I'm finding that more than anything right now, we need a little bit of a schedule. Not overkill, mind you. I still hear plenty "I'm bored" comments from the boys during free play and there are times when I have to remind them, probably more than I'd care to admit, that it's time for them to do their thing so I can have a little mama time. But, a little structure has been good for us.

It really helps me in the morning to know that after breakfast JD will be starting schoolwork and I can tidy up the kitchen and maybe sort some laundry or pick up the living room before washing my face and nursing Tyler. I take the daily tasks a little at a time, and only a few a day, and it gives me more time to enjoy the boys as well. So, often after washing my face and nursing Tyler, I'll fit in my workout and do a little straightening up around the house, all while checking in on JD when he needs help or has questions, before lunch. Then, we may either have enough time to do Lucas' schoolwork before we sit down to eat or directly afterward when Tyler goes down for his nap. Blake has been transitioning to no nap ('s been tough) and it's made our evenings a little harder. But, I think he's finally starting on the uphill side of things and getting used to being up all day.

Probably the most important thing that I've tried to do everyday, that has really made the difference between a make it or break it start, is taking care of me. Choosing everyday to spend the time washing my face and brushing my teeth, getting dressed and working out for a bit has been everything when it comes to keeping me feeling good and ready to tackle whatever these boys have to throw at me. Don't get me wrong, they're good boys. They're SUCH awesome boys, really. But, momming is hard and, let's face it, if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. I made the decision a while back that if I want to be the best for my husband, for my kids and for myself, then I have to take care of ME sometimes. Personally, that doesn't mean a girls weekend every month or a spa treatment once a week. It's those few minutes of self care in the morning. If I can make time for myself then, when everyone else is at a high from finishing breakfast and excited for the day ahead, then it completely changes my whole perspective on the day. I gain some extra motivation and the boys get to see that it's important for Mama to have some time to herself too. I'm showing them that, yes they matter to me. They matter immensely. But, I matter too. And, that's so, so important.

As you go about your daily routines and mundane happenings through the week, don't forget to make time for yourself. Because Mama needs a little love too. ;) Tonight we're going to Springfield with some friends, kid free, to do an "Escape Room"! Has anyone ever been to one?! I'm so nervous/excited!

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