Friday, April 21, 2017

Diy Friday : Loose Peplum Top

With the changing of seasons, I always get fresh inspiration and new motivation to do more, be more, and put more into my life. Whether that means deep cleaning and purging things we no longer need/use in an effort to simplify or finally deciding on a project to make with that perfect fabric I've been saving, a new season often feels like a new lease on life. And, I love it. I scored some pretty dollar rack fabrics a few weeks ago and stocked up for just this reason. They were the types of fabric that catch your eye in passing and you know it's just waiting to be made into something beautiful. That may be the creative in me talking, the way something just pops out at me and I immediately think of all the possibilities it holds. But, go along with me on that one. ;) 

In my last post I shared some of the pieces I'm gaining inspiration from this spring and how I planned to sew a few for myself soon. Well, this is the first. And it turned out to be everything I had hoped for. Soft and flowy and perfectly girly. It's what my throw-on-and-go dreams are made of and I wish I had more similar pieces in my closet. I also really love the subtle rose color and how it will go with so many things, like these distressed white skinnies (a walmart diy).  

While I haven't perfected the making of a tutorial yet, one of my favs (and where I gain a ton of inspiration from) Merrick has. I've shared her blog here before and I'll share it again because there are literally endless possibilities of projects to create. Here's a post you can use to make a similar top (just make the peplum a bit fuller and longer) and here's another on distressing your jeans for that trendy grunge look. It's super simple and actually a lot of fun. Careful though, you may get hooked and find yourself with a closet full of destructed jeans. lol 

Happy creating and have a wonderful start to your weekennnnnd! It's FRI-YAY!

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