Monday, April 3, 2017

The Good Old Days

Do you ever look at your life and think, these are the days? These, THESE are the days I'm going to look back on when my children are grown and the years have gone by and I'm going to wish for them with every fiber of my being. The days of sitting for hours on the shore by the creek, watching my baby sleep beside me and my boys reel in fish with their Daddy and see how far they can skip rocks. Of seeing them so immersed in what they're doing that they don't even realize it's past dinner time and the light is starting to fade. The days of taking a drive to Branson and spending the weekend at the condo. Wasting the days away swimming and snacking and playing games and just being together. When our biggest worry is whether we should go to the pool now and eat lunch a little late or eat first and risk it being overrun with people when we finally get there. The days of fitting everything we need into two suitcases and not caring if I remembered it all or not. 

Summer is like a renewing for our family. We get to shake off the chill and stress of being cooped up all winter and break free into the fresh breeze and soft grass. And we love it. Being a boy mom has taught me so much about the important things in life. Sometimes it's about me and the things I like to do. Like get ice cream and shop (duh). But, most of the time it's about them. How big their fish was or how many times they can cast their rod into the pond with little help from their Daddy. How they steered the four wheeler or walked the entire length of the fence looking for sheds but still never found any. I love when they tell me about their adventures outside and how the first thing they almost always do is pick me flowers the minute we step out the door. They spoil me. 

I love to feel the sun on my face and the breeze in my hair. It sounds so cliche but oh is it true. I love fall and spring but, summer is my happy place. These boys have changed that for me. Knowing that all they need is some ripped jeans, waterproof boots and a trail leading someplace unknown (or maybe so familiar they can already see their destination) to make them so immeasurably happy. Sometimes all we need is to look at life through a child's eyes to see the things that truly matter. The ones we love. Our family and friends. Finding ways to show them what they mean to us. Seeing and exploring and soaking up each and every moment as it comes. That's the big stuff. The stuff that will leave so much more of an impression on their hearts than the name across the front of their shirt or the amount of toys in their room. 

What's the one thing you can give that you can never get back? Your time. And I wouldn't want to spend mine any other way than enjoying these hunks that God has so graciously blessed me with. I pray you all had a fantastic weekend and were able to recharge with your families! Let's face the week with so much oomph that Monday won't know what hit it. ;)

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