Monday, July 31, 2017

My Best Summer Yet

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Every year at about this time, I start yearning for fall. The temperatures have been scorching this summer especially (I don't remember last summer being quite as intense as this yr) and we've spent a great deal more of our days outdoors poolside or finding shade while exploring the woods on friends and family's farms. While I've thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of it, I'll admit, it's beginning to weigh on me. I guess I'm one of those people that starts to look into the next season when I can sense the one we're currently in starting to drag on. I told Glen's grandmother the other day that if I can just get through our vacation to Myrtle Beach in four weeks (You read that right, FOUR SHORT WEEKS) then, I'll be ready for cooler temps. I will say that I've enjoyed this summer tremendously more than any summer that I can remember for a very long time. Not that I hate summer. It's just that, for the past few years I've always had a little one who couldn't stand the heat or didn't want to be outside for very long and the other boys were so little they didn't show much interest in swimming or anything water related for an extended amount of time (and I have a slightly irrational fear of water related accidents..) and so, who wants to be out in one hundred degree weather with no way to cool off? Not me. But, THIS summer, the boys are old enough to reeeeeally enjoy being outside seventy five percent of most days and Tyler is finally big enough to tot around after them and play without falling every two steps. They've all become quite the little fish over the last few weeks as well. Between Memaw's pool, Aunt Vicki's pool, the pool at the condo, our weekend at Aunt Rhonda's and the pool at the hotel, along with the two blow up pools that are decorating our yard at the moment, nearly every spare moment spent outside has been in the water. So they've all become pretty darn good at swimming, even without their puddle jumpers (except for Tyler). And that's meant a more enjoyable time for Mama as well when I'm not so on edge about something happening. 

I will also say that all that time outside means I'm more tan than I've been in yeeeeeaaars. Literally. Years. And, while I don't like to make a habit of being in the heat for long stretches without proper sun protection, it's made me feel pretty good to not be quite. so. pasty. lol 

One big change about this summer though that I didn't experience in previous years is being more fit. I don't mean just being skinnier. I mean feeling and looking healthier all around. I've tried to be so intentional about what I'm eating, making time everyday to do a workout and trying not to sink back into old habits. Spending that time on me has helped not only physically, with the way I feel. But, also mentally, with the way I see myself. I'm feeling better on the outside and that has given me a real boost of confidence on the inside. It's really incredible how intentionally setting aside time for yourself can aid you in SO many ways. 

One other thing that I know has helped keep my mind in the right place these past few weeks has been being a part of such an amazing Bible Study group. The study we're finishing up now is All Things New by Kelly Minter and I have honestly loved it. From the beauty of the book to the way she lays everything out there and how the scripture always seems to come full circle is just so awesome and engaging. I've enjoyed it so much and am really so thankful I'm able to be a part of it. If you don't have a study group near you that you can join, I encourage you to find one online. Meeting other ladies in The Word and encouraging each other right where you are can be so freeing and lift you up in ways you really never knew you needed. Before I started doing studies with this group of ladies, I really didn't feel a need to do it. I thought it sounded nice but, I just didn't want to be there. After the first couple of studies though, I can't imagine not making time for it. It's helped me carve out time for study but also keeps me grounded in what's important and gives my boys incentive to study their Bibles as well, which is pretty awesome. 

I'd like to put together a little post on what fitness routines I've done and recommend and what has worked to help keep me committed these past few months. Not that it will work perfectly for you or that you'll automatically fall into a great routine. But, it may give you the little motivation you need to push yourself that much farther to achieve what you want but, for whatever reason, haven't had the drive to reach for. So that may be in the future. Also, I have a few fun posts planned, like my fall wish list for our home and my closet and how I plan to actually write down a bucket list for my favorite season this year. Really, being INTENTIONAL has been my goal the whole year so far. I don't want to invest my time and energy on things/people that have no value or interest in me and my family. It's hard at times and it's been such a learning curve but, I feel myself getting better all the time and that's what counts. I pray you all have had a lovely, memory-filled summer already and that you're able to really soak up these last few weeks of it! Thanks for following along friends, I really love this little space and hope to share more of what I enjoy here soon. Until then, have a happy week!

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