Monday, August 7, 2017

15 Fall Must-Haves

I've been dreaming of fall weather for the last few days (ahem, weekssss..) and am beginning to gear my closet more towards that also. There's a few things on the top of my wish list for the coming season and I'll be keeping my eye out hoping to get some great deals on them. First up is some new denim staples. There's a lot of trends coming and going right now and while some are super cute, I have to admit, I probably wouldn't wear a lot of them. There are a few that I'm loving though so, that's where we'll start.

1. Denim overalls

Flash back ten years and evvvveryone had a pair (or three) but, they kind of fell out of trend until recently. How I've been seeing them styled lately though has me wishing for another pair and now I'm on the lookout! I hope to find a pair that isn't too plain jane but, also not too out there. A little ruching on the front or a bit of distressing is key and I know they'll be a great staple this fall running everywhere with my boys. 

2. Distressed Denim Skirt

I used to have a denim skirt and I actually wore it a lot. Then a few years ago, I just kind of stopped. So, I consigned it. (yea..) Buuuuut, now I'm wishing for another in a slightly different style. I hope to find one in a similar wash to the one pictured below (just a smidge more length) and then do the distressing myself. I have my eye on a couple in my local thrift shop so I'll be scooping that up verryyyyy soon!

3. Distressed Denim Jacket

I have a denim jacket that I wore quite a bit last fall but, to be honest, well, I just kind of want another! The one I have hits me right above my natural waste and so I'd like to find one that hits a little lower that also has some distressing to it. Something to give it a little edge but keep it a good staple for late fall evenings outside with my family. I'm loving this one pictured below.


4. White off the shoulder Top

I've seen these everryyyyywhere and wasn't quite sure I liked them until recently! Now I'm on a mission to grab one and wear it well into fall. White is the color I look forward to wearing the most but I may also try for a dark chambray? It would be great paired with some white skinnies or colored jeans.

5. Long Sleeve Swing Dress // light blue

I love swing dresses and they're so easy to make so, I plan to make a few to wear this fall. I really began my collection of these last fall but, with a frequently nursing babe, they weren't as easy for me to wear. This year though, I plan to basically live in them when the weather starts to transition. One like this with a unique sleeve is so cute but, I also love a plain long sleeve as well. So many options to dress them up or down and super comfy to run around in with my family.

6. Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

These are so cozy and SO easy to wear. I plan to sew a couple to have on hand for fall outings with my boys and, again, since Tyler's not nursing through the day anymore, there won't be any issues there. I'm loving the color of the one pictured below but would also love one in black and maybe olive. Again, so many options to dress it up or down depending on our plans. 

 Image result for light blue long sleeve tshirt dress Image result for long sleeve maxi dress

7. Low Heeled Ankle Boots

A pair of low heeled ankle boots is a staple in any mama's closet. I have a pair that I love in a dark brown but, would LOVE to find a pair similar to those pictured below to wear with dresses and add a little length to my (somewhat) short legs. These are so cute (the price, not so much) but I plan to thrift a pair, hopefully soon! They're simple and don't have a lot to distract the eye. Perfect to help them blend in and aid my short lady cause rather than hinder it. Love these.

8. Over The Knee Boots

These are the boots I gifted myself for my birthday last year and I cannot WAIT to begin wearing them again. The side zip detail gives them a little extra something while the color blends in well with my skin tone so they don't "chop" me up too much. A great buy and right now they're on major sale! Run and grab them if you need a new pair!

9. Peep Toe Ankle Boots

I recently thrifted a very similar pair of black peep toe ankle boots and am so excited to wear them in the coming weeks! They're so cute and basic to compliment any outfit. I also LOVE these blush ones pictured below! They're gorgeous and I hope to purchase a similar pair sometime soon (hopefully before they go off trend lol).

Sam Edelman Petty  Bamboo Peep Toe Slingback Booties 

10. Cold Shoulder Sweater

Cold shoulder tops are everywhere right now and, while it's taken me a while to jump on board, I think I'm ready! I love them in a sweater and will definitely be on the lookout for a couple to rotate through my closet soon!

11. Utility Jacket

I purchased an amazingly priced utility jacket last fall and have looooooved it. It goes with l i t e r a l l y everything I own and is the perfect light layer for fall weather. Highly recommend finding one in a style you love, it'll be your new favorite throw on and go jacket. Trust me.

12. Blanket Scarf

As someone who gets chilly easily, a blanket scarf is a must in the cold weather months. I have a couple in neutral tones but would love to find one in a similar print to the one pictured below! So fun and festive and perfect for drawing the eye on an otherwise basic outfit. 

Image result for cold shoulder sweater Image result for utility jacket Image result for blanket scarf

13. Basic Ball Cap

When you're a mom, and a #boymom at that, it just goes with it that you probably won't find the time to wash your hair everyday (or is it just me?...). So, I love a good hat that's easy to throw on and that will go with many different outfits without having to think too much about it. I have a super versatile grey one that's very similar to the one pictured below and it really is such a staple. Being able to throw it over my second (or third) day hair and go while still looking somewhat put together is such a time saver for me. This camo one is super cute and there's also a light pink that I love. Also, only $8? Uhm, yea, just get it.

14. Destroyed Denim

Isn't it funny how fashion kind of goes in circles? I know destroyed denim used to be all the rage and then, when I was in school it was unheard of to have holes in your jeans. Now though, it's such a trend. And I love it! The trick is, I think, to find a pair that fits well, doesn't stretch too much as they get more wear and that the distressing doesn't get too destroyed when you wash and wear them over time. I have a couple of pair that I love and the fit is always what gets me. So, invest in a few of these and you'll find that putting together an on-the-go momiform is soooo much easier.

15. Comfy Sneakers

Comfort is key so often when you're a mom of littles. I like to look cute and put together but, sometimes I just need to be able to move (and run) easily. That's where an on point pair of sneaks can save the day. You can literally pair them with virtually any outfit and still get a great result. Dresses, denim, maxis, skirts. Done. Literally so easy.

 product image Womens Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker TRIUMPH MID SALT & PEPPER, Cream, dynamic

These are all either in my closet already or on my want list for the coming months. I really believe in making an effort to find pieces that will work for more than one season and last for more than a year. I don't have a huge budget when it comes to shopping for myself so, it's been good for me to practice being frugal and really shopping around before I make any purchases. And it's also a good life lesson for my kiddos. For them to know that they need to be careful about how they spend their hard earned money and that they shouldn't just run out and buy something every time they get a desire to is a lesson well learned and one that I hope will stick with them as they get older and start families of their own. 

I hope you enjoyed the post and gained some inspiration for your fall wardrobes! Have a lovely week friends!!

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